This Citrus Spritzer Lets You Spray Fresh Juice Directly From The Fruit

Forget about squeezing and twisting the ends of those lemons and limes just to extract the last drop of juice from the fruit. Simply insert this citrus spritzer into the fruit and spritz away. It’s really amazing how a little sprinkle of lemon juice can make a huge difference in our dishes. Spraying lemon or lime juice over a vegetable salad, fish or chicken adds a zesty flavor to the food. It is also a great way to add a refreshing scent into the mix to liven up any ordinary dish or drink. Furthermore, a spritz of lime juice keeps fruits and veggies from turning brown.

But of course, we all know that it can be difficult to squeeze and wring the fruit to extract the juice while straining out the pulp and seeds. Thankfully, a simple yet effective solution has come to solve our woes. This spritzer is designed to be inserted directly into the fruit. It then allows you to spray the fresh juice straight from the source to any dishes or drinks to improve the taste and scent.


Citrus Spritzer

citrus spritzer spray nozzle

This plastic spritzer has a pump-style nozzle on the top attached to a long tube with serrated teeth for easy insertion. It collects the juice and pumps it up to the nozzle. The nozzle then sprays and distributes the juice evenly. There’s no need to even cut the fruit anymore, just insert the sprayer and it’s good to go. To fully extract the juice, make sure that the fruit is at room temperature. Then slightly roll the lemon or lime on a flat surface to get it juiced up. This allows the device to collect the juice easier so you’ll get more juicy goodness in every spray.

citrus spritzer plastic


lime juice sprayer


lime juice sprayer easy to insert


citrus spritzer easy to insert


lemon juice sprayer easy to insert


citrus spritzer juice sprayer

The spritzer measures 3.75 inches long and 0.98 inches in diameter. The nozzle and the serrated teeth can be easily detached for easy cleaning. There’s also a metal version which is more durable than the plastic type. It’s so compact and lightweight that you can carry and use it anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re eating at a restaurant, having lunch at work or prepping food during camping, this handy tool will add a little zest to your food or drink. One happy buyer wrote:

“I didn’t have high hopes for this kitchen gadget because usually these things are just a gimmick. I was shocked when I stuck it in the lemon, hit the spray button, and lemon juice started coming out. Awesome!”

spray nozzle and serrated teeth


citrus spritzer metal


lemon juice sprayer


citrus spritzer drinks

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