Natalie Bell Has Created Covers For Bag Straps And Seat Belts That Help Emergency Personnel Know A Child’s Health Issue

Did you happen to have a worrying thought and as a result, unleash what would now be known as a viral success? This actually happened to the Australian mom named Natalie Bell. She just had a thought about Shae, her daughter, getting caught into an accident. Somehow, that pushed her into creating a seat belt cover for her daughter. Only one night after sharing what she crafted, the idea went viral, and there began the story of her emergency seat belt covers for the safety of children with health issues.

Now, Bell is a successful business owner, leading “Personalised By Nat” as a provider of personalized items. Nat dedicates most of her products to parents and children. As mentioned above, she has crafted a velcro seat belt cover meant for kids. Nat made sure that it’s displaying bright, bold letters so that the one accompanying or taking care of a child could read it unmistakably.

Natalie Bell created seat belt covers to help warn the emergency services personnel about the health issues the children they’re accompanying may have.


Nat designed the text to be in clear, bold letters.

It was on June 5 that Natalie Bell posted her praiseworthy invention on Facebook. She captioned it as follows:

“I always wonder what would happen if I was in a car accident with my daughter in the car and I was unable to let the doctors know that my daughter could not have an MRI due to having a cochlear implant, now I don’t need to worry about that with these seat belt covers. These can be made for any special needs that the medical team will need to know if you are unable to tell them.”

autism children health issues emergency seat belt covers natalie bell worn by child

Natalie Bell

Children can also wear these emergency covers in their backpack straps.

This way it will be easier for people to see.

The seat belt covers are not limited to seat belts only. You can also attach them into the backpack straps of the children concerned. Shae is, in fact, deaf, and Nat created her first emergency seat belt cover with that in mind.

To help other children with different conditions, Nat created other personalized seat belt covers. Now, she has items for those with diabetes, autism, and down syndrome. Plus, some of the covers tell explicitly that the child may resist help. Or, they would say that he or she can’t speak verbally.

mother and child children health issues emergency seat belt covers natalie bell

Natalie Bell

The insightful Natalie Bell explains that while there are medical bracelets and they’re useful for most people with health issues, wearers may accidentally hide them beneath clothes. In this very sense, Nat’s seat belt covers definitely stand out.

Everyone approaching children with those covers on will surely notice. In case of emergency situations, any person seeing those covers would know what to do—even if they’re not medical professionals.

If you want to avail of these valuable emergency items, be sure to drop by Nat’s site. There, she’s offering the seat belt covers for $15 each. Just take note that she’s handling quite a massive volume of orders. So, yours might arrive only after 2 to 4 weeks.


Source: Natalie Bell