You Can Get A Spitting Llama Pepper Spray That Doubles As A Keychain

Here’s a little bit of animal trivia for you. Did you know that llamas spit stomach acid to defend themselves from predators? This interesting fact inspired a certain company to create the Pepper Spray Spitting Llama. Just like how llamas defend themselves from predators, this cute self-defense tool also helps you defend yourself from potential aggressors.

This llama keychain may look cute and harmless from the outside. But don’t let this innocent-looking thing fool you. It hides a canister of pepper spray inside that you can use as a non-lethal self-protection tool to fend off your assailant. So, don’t underestimate this cutesy thing because they can get dangerous when they spit at you.

pepper spray spitting llama cute keychain

Furthermore, this Pepper Spray Spitting Llama has a built-in safety lock to prevent accidental deployment. The safety button is located at the back of the llama head. To unlock the unit, simply press down the red tab to open the llama’s mouth and get access to the pepper spray canister inside. Just press the canister nozzle to release the pepper spray from the unit’s mouth. In case of an attack, aim the unit towards your attacker’s face and spray it across their eyes. Don’t forget to shield your face when spraying.

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Llama Pepper Spray


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pepper spray spitting llama keychain

This llama features a maximum strength capsaicin chemical that causes a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth and throat. When inhaled, capsaicin may cause breathing difficulty and inflammation of all mucous membranes in the nose, mouth, throat and lungs. And when it comes in contact with the eyes, it causes intense burning sensation and temporary blindness as a result of eye inflammation.

pepper spray spitting llama defense

Moreover, the Pepper Spray Splitting Llama has a 10-feet range so you don’t have to be in close range to your attacker. The fluid also includes UV marking dye to help identify the assailant and aid the investigation. Each unit contains 0.54 oz of pepper spray fluid that can last up to 25 bursts. Not to mention, it comes in a handy keychain design that is travel safe (TSA approved) and allows easy access. You can attach it to belt loops, bags or your purse for quick access in times of emergency. It measures 4.86 x 2.64 x 1.88 inches weighing 2.6 oz.

pepperem self-protection keychain

With this llama-shaped pepper spray, self-defense has never looked so cute. But let us remind you that this tool shouldn’t be used as a toy and illegal use of this unit is punishable by law. When you’ve used up all the content, just discard the unit and NEVER reuse it as a toy for your kids. Although the pepper spray canister is replaceable, we don’t recommend replacing it yourself as you can accidentally deploy it in the process. We highly advise buying a new unit for your own safety. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This thing is so cute! What a stylish way to scare off any potential aggressors. Perfect for warding off the crazy homeless in my city that are randomly attacking innocent people.”


The video below guides you how to use the Pepper Spray Spitting Llama

Source: Pepperem.