These Tweets Prove That Husbands Are Just Big Kids

Women often say that men never grow up. Yes, they can hold down responsible jobs and even conduct perfectly adult conversations. But, when it’s just their wives and loved ones that are around, this is when a lot of males let their hair down and revert to their boyish ways! It could be said that many guys have Peter Pan syndrome, having fun and being young at heart well into old age. Here we have some tweets that provide proof this is definitely the case. Take a look and let us know your own husband related stories in the comments!

The struggle is real!

This husband is particularly brave!

This guy seems to have his priorities right. Not!

We’ve heard it all now!

This husband is just looking for trouble!

Well, that’s one way to board a plane before everyone else!

Everyone hates Mondays.

His hair game is totally on point.

This must drive his wife insane!

This is just mean!

A pet penguin? We’d love to see his wife’s face.

This is funny!

This is the worst!

This is so unfunny that it’s funny.

We hope you’re enjoying these priceless tweets! Some of them are just unbelievable. These poor wives must really love their husbands to put up with their very bad dad-jokes! Age tends to make most of us become more mature, wiser and sensible in outlook. But, these men appear to have gone against the grain. Despite all of our teasing, many of these husbands sound like a lot of fun to be around, most of the time! For more amusing tweets, just keep on scrolling!

You just can’t take this husband anywhere.

He just managed to escape being put in the doghouse forever!

Dad-jokes seem very popular with these men.

Who wouldn’t risk losing their keys for a go in the ball pit?

This sounds logical.

If only life was so easy.

This is true.

Well, he is technically right.

This is unbelievable!

No wonder she needed a therapist!

His poor, long-suffering wife!

His wife must be very patient!

This guy must think he’s hilarious!

“Honesty” is always the best policy.