This Tabletop Glass Fireplace Is Easy To Setup And Easy To Put Away

Keep your indoor space warm and toasty with this elegant tabletop glass fireplace. A fireplace is the perfect place for us to relax, enjoy a cup of hot coffee, read a book or simply warm up on a cold night. There’s only one downside to this fixed structure, and that is you can’t take it anywhere you want. Sure, there are plenty of portable heaters that you can buy. And these convenient devices can also provide the same warmth that a conventional fireplace can give. However, these modern devices just can’t give the same calming effect that a fireplace provides. Indeed, there’s something about the dancing flame that is so visually soothing.

Now, combine the look and functionality of a conventional fireplace and the portability of a portable heater. Because that’s exactly what this modern tabletop fireplace has to give. You can now heat up and bring the beauty of flames anywhere you want to relax. This portable fire lantern features a sleek, modern design which is sure to become the center of attention in your home. With its enchanting flame, it will set the mood for a calming evening or even a romantic dinner.


Tabletop Glass Fireplace

tabletop glass fireplace

This fireplace has a black metal base and stylish cylindrical windproof glass. When assembled, it measures 11.37 inches tall and 8.25 inches in diameter. It comes with a fuel tank with a reusable wool wick included, along with a flame snuffer. And lastly, it comes with decorative rocks to add a chic accent to your ornamental lantern.

portable flame lantern


smokeless fire lantern

To assemble, place the fuel tank (with the wick inside) in the center of the metal base. Place the cylindrical glass on top of the base then surround the fuel tank with decorative rocks. You can use the flame snuffer to cover the fuel tank as you fill the base with rocks to prevent pieces from falling into the wick. Use a funnel to pour bioethanol fuel (or denatured alcohol) into the fuel tank or you can just add the fuel into the tank prior to assembly. Once assembled, light up the wick with a match or a lighter.

portable flame lantern metal base


portable flame lantern decorative rocks


tabletop glass fireplace cylindrical body

Place this tabletop fireplace on your dinner table, coffee table, workplace or anywhere you want to cozy up. It brightens and heats up any indoor space with no ash, soot or smoke for distraction-free relaxation. Take note that fuel and the lighter are not included in the purchase. For your safety, do not pour fuel onto an active fire and wait until the wick has cooled before adding the fuel.

tabletop glass fireplace parts


portable tabletop glass fireplace

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Source: Etsy