This Shrimp Neck Pillow Is Great For Long Flights

IFun fact: did you know that shrimp is America’s most consumed seafood species? If you love these tasty mini-crustaceans, you’ll be happy to take them to your dreams with this shrimp neck pillow. This U-shaped cushion features a realistic simulation of a giant peeled shrimp. It uses lifelike 3D printing that will certainly make you crave for a real one. Just make sure to stop yourself from taking a bite out of it.

This shrimp pillow is made of thick PP cotton, a soft material which is also resistant to mold. Its whimsical design features accurate colors of a freshly cooked shrimp in opaque white with some pink and red accents. The printing looks so lifelike that it might trigger your hunger pangs. But no matter how tempting it looks, please refrain from eating it.


Shrimp Neck Pillow

realistic simulation seafood plush

This delicious-looking shrimp pillow measures 15.76 inches x 11.82 inches. It sports a funny design of a headless shrimp, peeled and cooked with its tail on. You can use this comfortable pillow to cradle you to sleep. But it also has plenty of uses beyond sleeping. Its U-shaped construction provides comfortable neck support for upright naps especially when you’re traveling. Make everyone around you drool when you show them this appetizing pillow. Or you can simply use it as a decorative element to show off your love for this tasty shellfish.

shrimp neck pillow


shrimp neck pillow soft cotton


realistic seafood design cushion


shrimp neck pillow soft cushion

This soft cushion also makes a great plush toy for your baby and pets. To clean, simply wash the surface with mild soap and water. Hand-wash and air dry only. This also makes a perfect gift for the seafood lover in your life. So, who’s ready to dive into an underwater dreamland full of luscious shrimps? One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I bought this as a gift for a very good friend. The graphics are clear, it is a shrimp. The texture is smooth and feels cool against your skin. I would buy this again.”

shrimp neck pillow lifelike 3d printing


shrimp neck pillow lifelike


lifelike seafood design cushion


realistic seafood plush toy

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realistic seafood plush

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