This C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Supports Your Bump While You Sleep

Is your baby bump getting in your way of a good night sleep? Snuggling up with a comfy pregnancy pillow can make a huge difference. Finding out your pregnant may be an exciting and blissful experience but the journey is often more difficult than we’ve assumed. Pregnant women typically experience several aggravating issues that may not be necessarily dangerous but still require attention. In the second and third trimesters when the baby bump begins to grow, finding the perfect sleeping position becomes very difficult.

Furthermore, it is during this period where pregnant women need to rest the most as they will need a whole lot of energy before childbirth begins. However, a burgeoning baby bump makes it harder than ever to find a comfortable sleeping position. Now this is where maternity pillows come in handy. But take note that not all maternity pillows on the market are the same. This C-shaped pillow is specifically designed to follow the contour of the body. Since a side sleeping position is the only option, the shape of the pillow will help ease up pressure on the hips and back.


C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

c-shaped pregnancy pillow grey jersey

The C-shaped pillow provides a full body surrounding support particularly on the back, lower back, hip, and leg where support is most needed. Thus, it helps relieve pain and pressure to make you feel comfortable while keeping you on your side. It is filled with high density soft cotton that stays smooth and stable inside. The breathable jersey knit cover is machine washable and easy to clean.

full body support for pregnant women


c-shaped support blue jersey


fully body sleeping support for pregnant women


c-shaped pregnancy pillow purple jersey

This comfy C-shaped pillow measures 58 inches x 28 inches x 7.8 inches and only weighs 0.65 pounds. It is available in 6 different color options including blue, green, grey, grey velvet, grey blue velvet and purple. Moreover, its flexible shape makes it ideal for other uses as well. You can adjust it so you can set yourself in a sitting position to provide optimal support for your back when you’re reading or watching TV. You can also fold it into a wedge pillow when you need to raise your leg when relaxing.

c-shaped pregnancy pillow size


green jersey maternity pillows upright position


full body maternity support pillows size


c-shaped pregnancy pillow grey blue velvet

This multi-functional pillow is also recommended for people suffering from back or hip pain and those who are looking for full body relaxation and support. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I’m pregnant and I’ve been having lots of discomfort especially back pain. After using this pillow, I have felt so much relief. The pillow is soft and can be used in so many different ways. I love this product and will recommend it to anyone whether you’re pregnant or not.”

c-shaped blue jersey knit maternity pillows


c-shaped pregnancy pillow green jersey


c-shaped pregnancy pillow grey blue velvet multifunctional


multifunctional maternity pillows


multifuncitonal body pillows blue jersey


full body support sitting position pregnant women


c-shaped purple jersey knit maternity pillows


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