Huggable Body Pillow With Built-In Air Conditioner

We all love the fun that comes with warm summer days. But for us who are prone to night sweats, summer nights can be very discomforting. Now say goodbye to hot flashes and night sweats with this huggable air conditioning pillow. No matter how hot it gets during the night, this hyper-localized cooling equipment will help keep you cool and dry to give you that much-needed good night’s sleep. Forget about using an electric fan or cranking up your home’s AC. Designed to offer targeted cooling, this is the only cooling unit that you can cuddle. So you can truly feel the cooling and soothing relief.

This huggable air conditioning body pillow from Japan works the same way as regular indoor air conditioners. The only huge difference is that you can actually take this flexible cooling unit with you right on the bed and use it as a body pillow. Hence, you can directly feel the cooling effect and position it where you need cooling the most. Just like home ACs, this Pi-shaped cooling unit uses fans to circulate air through its tubes. The powerful fans are situated in the bottom of each leg where the air enters. As air passes through the fan, the unit pushes out the heat and humidity to cool down the incoming air and remove any excess moisture.


Huggable Air Conditioning Body Pillow

huggable air conditioning pillow

The cool air circulates through the tubes to give you localized cooling relief from head to toe. All while keeping heat and humidity from building up in your body and in your bed to keep you cool and dry while you sleep. Amazingly, its pair of powerful fans can move around 3,000 liters of air per minute. You can adjust the air flow level by using the included remote control. Choose from 3 different airflow levels: high, medium, and low. High setting switches between 5 minutes high and 10 minutes low, medium setting switches between 5 minutes medium and 10 minutes low, and low setting keeps the flow at a constant low circulation.

cooling unit flexible tubes


flexible cooling unit fans

To use, install the fans at the bottom of the unit’s legs. Then plug the air conditioning body pillow into the power outlet using the included power cord and USB AC adapter. It has an automatic timer that automatically turns off the unit after 6 hours. The flexible tubes can be positioned in any way you feel most comfortable. You can wrap it around your body, place it on top of your body, lie down on top of it, cuddle it while lying on the side, or just about any sleeping position you can think of. It measures 6 feet 2 inches long and 3 feet 2 inches wide.

elastic band power cord


huggable air conditioning pillow positions


Learn more about this innovative cooling unit on the video below

Source: Japan Trend Shop