Bubble Tea Plush Pillows Are So Cute

Calling all boba milk tea addicts! These cute bubble tea plush pillows will give you the sweetest hugs that will take your addiction to another level. Admit it, you’ve been dreaming for a day when you can just express your obsession with this popular drink. And these plushies are designed just for that. Now, you can cuddle and squeeze these cute plushies to show how much you love your boba drink.

These pillows come in the shape of the trendy boba milk tea. Each tea-filled cup features plenty of tapioca pearls and also comes complete with a straw. What’s more, the squishy cup also has a cute smiling face. So, there’s no way you could resist the cuteness overload on this one.


Bubble Tea Plush Pillows

bubble tea plush pillows

The plush is available in various colors including brown, white, green and pink. The brown color is also available in an open eyes and closed eyes design. Each huggable pillow is made with soft cotton and measures 10 inches tall. It’s like you’re hugging a soft cloud with an irresistibly cute face. You’ll never want to hold any pillow other than this ever again. These will also create a lovable display on your couch or workspace.

brown boba plushy cute eyes


white boba plushy cute face


brown boba plushy closed eyes


bubble tea plush toys


“Loved this plush so much! I got it for a cousin and she absolutely loved it.”, one buyer wrote. “First of all, it’s adorable! We purchased the brown boba with eyes closed. It arrived in perfect shape , ready to be gifted to my daughter’s best friend. My daughter wants one now too.”, another buyer wrote.

bubble tea plush pink


bubble tea plush green


boba cup plushy pillows

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Source: Etsy