This Giant Cushion Slipper Will Keep Both Your Feet Warm

Protect your feet this coming winter season and say goodbye to cold feet with this giant cushion slipper. We’ve previously featured the microwavable slippers and the USB-powered heated slippers to help you get through the frigid weather ahead. But if heated slippers are not your type of winter footwear, perhaps this giant cushion slipper may suit your taste.

lidl giant cushion slipper

This giant cushion slipper looks like a square plush throw pillow. But this isn’t your ordinary cushion pillow. It features two large pockets on one side where you slide your feet into. No need to throw it into the microwave or plug it into USB port to heat. The cushion is made of soft faux fur.

While faux fur isn’t quite as warm as real fur, the synthetic materials can provide sufficient insulation to keep your feet comfortably warm. It will keep your feet comfy and cozy as you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. And when you’ve warmed your feet enough, you can just flip it and use the other side as a pillow. How convenient is that?

lidl giant cushion slipper nude


These comfy foot warmers are also suitable for those who are looking for a warm therapy to ease arthritis and poor circulation.

lidl giant cushion slipper black

If you want to have this super soft foot warmer then visit the nearest Lidl store to get it. For only £4.99, you can ensure that your feet is toasty all winter long. It is available in black, brown, and nude colors and in adult shoe sizes 4-11. You have to be quick though, as these cushion foot warmers are only available in limited stocks. Find your nearest Lidl store here and beat the crowd.

If you missed out then don’t let it get you down. You can still opt for other alternatives such as the heated slipper and the Giant Moose slippers.