McDonald’s Collaborate With Travis Scott To Create New Burger And Merch Including A Chicken Nugget Body Pillow

What’s your default McDonald’s order? Does your take-home bag always have to have Chicken McNuggets? Or a Quarter Pounder paired with some French fries and soda? If so, then you are going to love McDonald’s latest venture – even more so if you’re a Travis Scott fan! On September 8th, the fast food chain began serving The Travis Scott meal. There’s also a selection of one-of-a-kind merchandise up for grabs, like a giant $90 McChicken Nugget body pillow and a miniature action figure of the rapper himself. The partnership certainly baffled everyone, but it’s certainly quite the feat.

“Everyone has a go-to order from McDonald’s, even some of today’s biggest superstars. And now, two icons are coming together, as The Golden Arches meet Cactus Jack for a multi-level innovative partnership.”


McDonalds USA Travis-Tweet
McDonald’s Corporation

The Travis Scott meal is part of the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s partnership. This brand collaboration surprised everyone, since we’ve all grown accustomed to McDonald’s rolling out movie tie-in merchandise only. In fact, the last time McDonald’s ever partnered with a celebrity was way back in 1992, with Michael Jordan! Needless to say, Travis Scott’s fans were beyond ecstatic. Since going live, the collaboration has made several headlines, and there are now reports of posters being stolen and merchandise being resold at exorbitant prices.


You can now enjoy Travis Scott’s favorite McDonald’s food combo


“Everyone has a favorite McDonald’s meal, no matter who you are. Travis is a true McDonald’s fan, having grown up visiting our restaurants in Houston, not to mention one of the biggest musical acts and cultural icons in the world,” Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s US Chief Marketing Officer, said in a press release.

When you order The Travis Scott Meal, you’ll get a beefy Quarter Pounder layered with Cheese – Travis style, with crispy bacon slices and crunchy lettuce. It also comes with medium-size French fries paired with a BBQ sauce dip and Sprite to wash it all down. Apparently, this combination is Travis’s go-to order whenever he drops by the double Arches. And now you can enjoy it all for only $6! But what’s really got the rapper’s fans and customers abuzz is the highly collectible merchandise.

McDonalds USA Travis Scott Tray


The Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration features awesome merch, including a 36-inch chicken nugget body pillow

The Cactus Jack x McDonald’s merchandise features limited-edition items like an “I’m Lovin’ It” lunch tray, a life-like Travis Scott toy, a vintage metal lunch box, a basketball jersey, hats and a 36-inch chicken nugget body pillow. Obviously, everyone wants the rapper’s action figure toy. But if you’re the type who considers napping time well spent, then the body pillow is the one that probably caught your eye first. The 36-inch pillow looks exactly like a Chicken McNugget. Except this time, it’s larger! How cute is that? According to Travis’ official statement, “including a charitable component was key” for him to agree taking part in the collaboration with his favorite fastfood chain:

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration to life. We are bringing together two iconic worlds. Including a charitable component was key for me, and I can’t wait for people to see what we have in store.”



Cactus Jack and McDonalds will use part of the sales to support charitable organizations. However, neither brands have disclosed the charitable organizations that will be benefiting from this partnership. But if you’re really curious, you can sign up for updates from the partnership using your email. The Travis Scott meal and exclusive merch will be available from September 8th until October 4th in all McDonald’s locations in the US. You won’t want to miss the chance of eating a superstar-approved burger and fries combo, snuggling a realistic chicken nugget body pillow and helping to support a charity, now would you?


Everyone’s losing their minds over the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collectibles


The 3-foot tall Body Pillow caused quite the buzz


The Cactus Jack x McDonald’s merchandise caused quite an uproar, since they were pricier than The Travis Scott Meal. In fact, the 3-foot tall body pillow has a $90 price tag on it! Some found this to be utterly ridiculous. But fans weren’t about to let that price tag get in the way of them collecting the iconic merchandise. In the end, the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s merchandise sold out quicker than you could say, “I’m lovin’ it!”. Travis has announced a second merchandise release, so hopefully those who missed out on the first round can snag the action figure, shirts and chicken nugget pillow this time.


Travis went to the oldest McDonald’s in Downey, California to mark the partnership’s launch