Victims Of Real Life Mean Girls Reveal The Torture They Went Through

Unfortunately for many, their school years were pretty much hell. We all know that nasty people and bullies exist, and if we become their targets, everyone handles things differently. Here we have a selection of images where victims of real life mean girls share the torture they went through. All of these experiences are utterly shocking and it’s a disgrace to know how badly certain people treat their fellow humans. Take a look and always remember to tell someone if you are being bullied and/or victimized!
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Victims Of Real Life Mean Girls Reveal The Torture They Went Through

Well there must have been plenty of witnesses and adults that hopefully made sure the bully was dealt with justly! 

A broken leg. Wow. Some people really do take things too far.

This must have been horribly isolating. 

Physical violence is no joke! Then followed up with emotional torment. Shameful. 

Let’s hope those girls never went on to have children who were bullied by people like them. 

It’s crazy how violent some kids get! 

People’s business should stay private if that’s what they want. 

That doesn’t sound like a very supportive sister… 

Another unacceptable act of humiliation!

Some of these bullies clearly haven’t been brought up to respect others. 

We just don’t understand how anyone can think this kind of behavior is okay. 

We feel this person’s pain. What a waste of tacos! 

What a strange (and horrible) way of handling a crush. 

We imagine this bully simply wanted to take the attention away from their own nastiness.