This Table Features A Built-In Trash Can So You Can Enjoy Your Seafood Without The Added Mess

Are you a shellfish lover? If you are, then go get yourself a crawfish table. Crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, oysters, clams, and scallops are undoubtedly the most delectable seafoods ever exist. But prepare for a hellish cleanup afterwards because a crawfish boil party will surely leave messy scraps. We certainly love to eat edible crustaceans but hate all the messy shells they leave behind.

walmart crawfish table

Don’t let the messy leftovers ruin a good crawfish boil party. This banquet table will serve your favorite shellfish meals and will take care of your rubbish at the same time. The Crawfish Table isn’t your ordinary picnic table. This 44-inches square table has 4 large serving trays to contain your favorite selection of shellfishes. You can also throw in add-ons such as smoked sausage, whole button mushrooms, small potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots, and more. It provides sufficient space for up to 8 people to eat at once.

walmart crawfish table fits standard barrel


walmart crawfish table seafood cookout

In addition to the serving trays, this crawfish table also has 4 drink holders, 4 condiment holders, and 2 paper towel holders. It basically holds everything you need for a crawfish boil party. But that’s not all. This table features a 23 inches diameter opening in the middle to fit any standard open barrel or garbage bin. With a trash barrel in the center, you can easily dispose the shells without the need to clean afterwards. It includes 2 bungee cords to attach to the trash can securely. Not just for shellfish, you can also use the Crawfish Table to serve other foods such as chicken legs and rib bones.

walmart crawfish table open top barrel


amazon crawfish table

Furthermore, this tabletop is made with durable polycarbonate and food-grade ABS plastic, making it easy to clean and weatherproof. Plus, it features a stackable design for easy storage and transport. Say goodbye to messy leftovers and just indulge yourself in delicious seafood with this practical party table. Having a cookout has never been this easy and enjoyable. Get this versatile tabletop here.