Take Face Masks To Another Level With These Face Mask Bags

This face mask shoulder bag is virtually ‘pandemic’ and ‘fashion’ combined into one piece. We’ve experienced a lot of lifestyle changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one of which is the mandatory wearing of face masks. Obviously, wearing a face covering doesn’t look fashionable at all. But some brilliant people have found ways to make these protective coverings look more appealing such as the ramen face mask and the leather facehugger. With the Covid-19 vaccine currently rolling out in all parts of the world, we can only hope that the pandemic comes to an end soon. So, we can return to the ‘old’ normal and finally come out without having to wear face protection.

The coronavirus pandemic, although devastating, has taught us so many lessons in life. And if we ever overcome this difficult situation, it’s only fitting that we look back and commemorate the dark times. This will help us prepare ourselves for the coming challenges that are lying ahead of us. This shoulder bag pays tribute to one of the most striking lifestyle changes that we have undergone. A unique handbag in the shape of the N95 mask, it will also be the perfect match to your N95 respirator.


Face Mask Shoulder Bag

face mask shoulder bag

This handmade shoulder bag comes in the form of a folded N95 respirator complete with straps. It has a wide opening, zipper closure and spacious compartment to hold your essentials. It is available in colors white and black in small and large sizes. The small size measures 11.8 inches wide and 7.4 inches high while the large size measures 22.4 inches wide and 13.8 inches high. Not even a global pandemic can stop us from going out in style. And since we are still required to wear face masks for the time being, this trendy handbag will complete your outfit and make an eye-catching statement piece.

face mask shoulder bag black


covid face mask shoulder bag


n95 respirator handbags sizes white


n95 respirator handbags small and large


covid inspired handbag inner lining


face mask shoulder bag zipper closure


face mask shoulder bag white


handbag shaped like n95 respirator

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n95 respirator handbag white

Source: Etsy