People Share The Strange Things They Ate As Children

It’s no secret that kids can be curious creatures. Most of us recall eating something questionable when we were young, however, for the majority these were pretty tame things such as dirt. But, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Here we have a list of people sharing the strange things they ate as children and these things are far from tame! Take a look and let us know in the comments if you’ve got anything that trumps these examples!
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Interesting! Some cultures eat ants on the regular and it is true that they can taste citrus/sour! 

They smell so good, we can’t really blame a kid for thinking they are edible!

Wow. That’s a lot of curiosity!

We think more people do this than you’d think, but won’t admit it. 

You could say that this person was… ingesting knowledge. *Slow clap*

Well, maybe you absorbed their luck! 

Cows are pretty damn lovable. 

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Oh no. This grosses us out so much! 

We bet this caused some stomach aches!

Well, we are encouraged by our parents to eat our leafy greens!

Thank goodness you didn’t choke! 

This is a pretty common one, don’t worry!

We’re sorry to hear this. We don’t know the consequences of the things we do sometimes, especially as children.

Ouch. We’re cringing just thinking about this!