Rolling Tool Box Seat

Don’t let heavy tools weigh you down. This rolling tool box seat helps you transport all the tools you need without even getting up from your seat. If you want to get your home DIY tasks completed effectively and quickly then it’s important to keep all your tools easily accessible when you need them. However, lugging around heavy tools for long periods of time can be cumbersome. So, having a portable storage to stash and transport your tools can make a huge difference in your productivity.

Enter this rolling tool box seat and you have a mobile toolbox and a comfy seat that lets you glide across your workshop. No need to haul heavy storage boxes around just to get the work done. It combines a portable toolbox and a chair into one unit to give you tons of organizational options and maximum mobility. As a stool chair, it features a thick, cushioned top with heavy duty vinyl protection that gives you comfortable seat as you glide around the garage.


Rolling Tool Box Seat

rolling tool box seat

Underneath the seat is a wheeled toolbox with padded drawers. This rolling tool box is available in two sizes: 350-lb capacity and 400-lb capacity. The 350-lb capacity unit has 3 storage drawers, each measuring 2.25 inches high. On the other hand, the 400-ln capacity unit only has 2 storage drawers with the bottom drawer twice the size of the upper drawer. The larger drawer is intended to store larger power tools such as cordless drill, impact driver, rotary hammer, jigsaw, and more.


350-lb Capacity

wheeled stool chair with storage drawers


rolling tool box seat extra slots


400-lb Capacity

rolling tool box seat 400-lb capacity


wheeled stool chair with two storage drawers

Both versions come with two foldable magnetic trays located on each side of the tool box. These convenient magnetic trays keep your fasteners from rolling around and you can just easily flip them up when not in use. In addition to the drawers, each unit also has an extra onboard slotted storage tray on the back to hold 16 screwdrivers or wrenches. The 400-lb capacity version also comes with a removable fabric storage pouch to hold more tools.

rolling tool box seat removable fabric storage pouch


wheeled stool chair with storage drawers back


wheeled stool chair 400-lb capacity

This rolling tool box seat features 4 ball-bearing swivel caster wheels to let you move in all directions while seated. So, you can glide from one task to another without the need to stand up. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is a compact but sturdy metal tool chest. It easily rolls over flooring or carpet, and the seat is comfortable. I love being able to sit working on my projects and just reaching to grab what I need.”

rolling tool box seat storage


wheeled stool chair with integrated storage

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