You Can Get Garage Door Decals That Look Like You Could Walk Right Through

A garage doesn’t have to be only ‘just’ a garage. The truth is, you can turn your garage into an impressive sight with these door decals. You can make it look like you have an expensive sports car in your garage. When in fact you actually have a rusty Corolla concealed inside. Or you can impress a passersby more by making it look like you have a boat, or a military tank, or even a giant airplane.

These door decals work the same way as the 3D epoxy floors which we previously featured. By applying a ready-print high-definition image on the surface, the visual image creates an incredible illusion of depth. The surface is then transformed into a breathtaking scenery that looks so real. But unlike the multi-layered epoxy floors, these billboard-type PVC tarpaulins can be easily attached to the surface and can be removed anytime.


These garage posters use incredible illusions to trick passers-by’s eyes

garage door decals jumbo plane multiple garage


realistic poster xxl garage dump truck

It comes with a Velcro strip to ensure that the tarpaulin attaches to the surface securely. Simply stick the fuzzy side of the Velcro to the back of the poster’s edges. Then stick the hood side of the Velcro to the edges of the garage door. Make sure to clean the edges of the garage door before attaching the Velcro. And don’t forget to measure the door to ensure that the tarpaulin fits. These door decals are trimmable so you can cut the edges with scissors or carpet cutter to achieve desired measurements. Then attach the tarpaulin on the garage door with the use of the Velcro. Cut out the location of the door handle then you’re all done.

garage door decals classic car bentley


garage door decals boat


garage door decals yellow sports car


realistic poster xxl garage military tank

These decals are available in a wide range of motifs and sizes. There are sizes suitable for single garages, XXL garages and multiple garages. Aside from vehicles, classic cars, and aircrafts, there are also other more whimsical designs to choose from. There’s the landscape motifs that can turn your garage into stunning mountain panorama or a wavy ocean. You can also turn your garage into a stable with the animal motifs featuring horses, alpacas, elephants, lions and more. There’s also the room motifs featuring realistic images of a space station, café shop, subway, prison cell, boutique and more.

realistic poster ocean


realistic poster multiple garage horse stable


garage door decals space station


garage door decals elephant


multiple garage poster landscape

That’s not all. The company also offers special motifs for every season. There’s the Spring Edition that includes charming photos of colorful flowers in full bloom such as the Sea of Blossom and Field of Tulips. They also have the Halloween Edition featuring various spooky images. And there’s also the Winter Edition to turn your garage into a frosty wonderland.

realistic poster field of tulips


realistic poster halloween edition gothic girl


realistic poster winter edition ski chalet


garage door decals beach


realistic poster single garage horse stable


garage door decals wine cellar


realistic poster xxl garage racing car

These decals are made from high quality material, making them weatherproof and rip-proof. You can check the company website to browse the entire catalogue. The company also offers customized motifs where you can upload your individual motif and have it printed on the tarpaulin.

The video below demonstrates the installation process for these garage door decals

Source: Style-Your-Garage