Hand-Shaped Wrenches Are A Handy Tool Every House Should Have

The love that men have for their tool collection is similar to how ladies feel about their collection of fashionable items like shoes, clothes and makeup. Whenever they get a new power tool or set, you can bet that they’ll make a whole event of showing it off and trying it out with their bros. But one thing that non-tool collectors can agree on is that when you don’t really know what it’s for, tools all just look the same. They are, after all, made for practical and heavy-duty purposes. So if you’re looking to make your (or your dad’s, your brother’s or your husband’s) tool collection a bit more interesting, you have got to check out these hand shaped wrenches!

The wrench, aptly named the Handwrench, is a conceptual idea created by Industrial Engineer Paul Julius Martus. The engineer from Grand Rapids, Minnesota came up with the design way back in 2008. And it is hands down the most attention-grabbing tool we have ever laid our eyes on!

martus handwrench
Paul Julius Martus


hand shaped wrenches
Paul Julius Martus


An industrial engineer has designed hand shaped wrenches that will be an awesome addition to your tool collection

Martus’ conceptual Handwrench certainly has a rather surreal appearance. Instead of looking like a typical wrench, the cast bronze Handwrench takes the form of a superbly detailed replica of a human hand. You can also see and feel a network of veins along the back of the hand. And the inclusion of the subtle creases along the wrist and fingers are also present, along with nails on every fingertip. For scale, the wrench measures 24 inches long by 3 inches by 4.5 inches. Every intricate detail and the bronze color of the tool give it a truly realistic look!

a closer look at the hand shaped wrenches
Paul Julius Martus


veins creases and nails on the hand shaped wrenches
Paul Julius Martus


handle details on the handwrench
Paul Julius Martus

The adjustable jaw of the wrench takes the form of the thumb. Then, the fixed jaw takes the form of the index finger. When used, the wrench will make that gesture we do when we’re describing something small.  This definitely makes using it a lot more fun! Sadly, Martus hasn’t provided any updates about the concept. We’ve definitely got our fingers crossed that we can get our hands on this truly unique tool someday. (It will definitely make an awesome father’s day gift!) But for now, you can visit Martus’ design here.

Source: Coroflot