Pattern Paint Rollers

Installing wallpaper, decal, or even sticky notes is a surefire way to spruce up your boring walls without getting your hands dirty. However, they’re definitely a bit trickier to apply than paint. Plus, doing so can be quite challenging especially if you’re dealing with uneven walls. So, if you want to give your walls some dimension, then you might want to consider getting a brick pattern paint roller instead.

For starters, this textured paint roller can help create the illusion of a brick wall at your home. Unlike typical paint rollers with foam or fabric covers, this decorative applicator comes with an embossed rubber cover. This creates a 3D brick-like stamp on the wall upon application. It also comes with a durable metal frame and a sturdy plastic handle for easy use.

brick pattern rubber paint roller


brick pattern paint roller


Give your walls a “bricked” look with this brick pattern paint roller

To give your wall a bricked look, you’ll have to paint it with a base color first. Allow it to dry fully and apply a contrasting color on top. This will serve as the wall’s textured or patterned layer. Afterward, roll the applicator through this layer while the paint is still wet to give it some texture. Allow to dry and enjoy your new “brick” wall!

3d brick pattern paint roller


3d brick pattern rubber paint roller

Aside from walls, you can also use this embossed roller on a variety of surfaces, including floors and countertops. Likewise, you can use it to revamp and upcycle your old furniture pieces at home. In addition to brick prints, you can also get paint rollers that can mimic other decorative textures. These include wood grains, damask prints, crocodile skin, and more!

wood grain stamp paint applicator set


wood grain stamp rubber paint applicator


wood grain stamp paint applicator


damask stamp paint applicator


damask stamp rubber paint applicator


crocodile pattern paint roller


crocodile pattern rubber paint roller

Indeed, these embossed rollers do a great job at giving your old walls a new life at an affordable cost. So, if you’re looking for a new project to work on this summer, then we definitely recommend repainting your walls or revamping your old furniture pieces at home.

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I like what I have done in our bathroom. If you want to get a custom look and don’t mind putting in a little effort… this roller is for you. Just watch videos on YouTube and everyone will be impressed how creative you are.”

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