People Share Interesting Comparison Photos Of Things You Don’t See Everyday

Change is inevitable and scary but it can also be beautiful. Embracing change in a positive way enables you to adapt to and deal with change better as it also allows you to seek new perspectives. And there’s no better reward than to witness how you’ve changed for the better, just like these interesting comparison images. Before and after photos of awe-inspiring transformation, leap of progress, and the differences of the past to the present. Nothing gives us a clearer representation of these changes than pictures.

Everyone goes into various phases in life. And as we go through these stages, everything about us also changes over time. Problems and obstacles will be there along the way, these hindrances are just part of the journey. And it’s either you face these challenges and try to solve the problems or give up and get stuck with the obstacles. Life is full of choices and it’s up to you to shape your destiny. When all is said and done, you can look back to your past experiences and reminisce all your triumphs and failures. Compare your present self from your past self to remind you what a journey it has been.


“1st Picture Was The Peak Of My Depression. 2nd Is A Recent One After Almost An Year Of Medication And Self Care”

Stories of growth, progress, recovery, and success have a compelling power to lift and motivate a spirit. So, we’ve round up this list of inspiring comparison images to remind you that accepting change can be the best decision that you can ever make.


“From 2.5 Months To Nearly 2 Years”


“First Day Of Chemo vs. Last”


“Lost 200 Pounds In A Year. 360 Lbs vs. 160 Lbs”


“Age 12 vs. 16 – My Drawing Progress”


“Before And After Being Told She’s A Good Girl”


“On The Left Is My Grandmother Holding My Dad And The Right Is Me Holding My Son, Taken Exactly 63 Years Apart”


Becoming Moms Together


Summer Vs. Winter, Same Waterfall. Skógafoss, Iceland


“Yesterday I Took My Grandmother On Her First Bike Ride In 59 Years, I Need A New Word For Awesome”


“I Bought My First Bike One Year Ago Today”


“I Just Want A Bigger Pocket Please, Is That Too Much To Ask For? Sincerely, Women Everywhere”


“Tiny Cute Rabbit Compared To A Palm”


“Never Thought I’d Be Able To Use My Hand Again. Shout Out To The Surgeon And Therapist”


“This Is What 6 Years Of Practice Looks Like – My Art In 2015 vs. 2021”


“Me And My Dad. 1982 And 2021. Both Age 20, 39 Years Apart”


“Before And After I Asked Her If She Knew How Cute She Was”


“I’ve Finally Recreated It”


“Perspective Size Of The Humpback Whale”


“Cheers To 2 Years Of Health! 100 Lbs Lost And Maintained For A Year”


“Before And After Of My 8-Year Project (1972 Datsun 240z Restomod)”


“Canadian Passport vs. Canadian Passport Under A Black Light”


“Head Size Difference Between A Man And An Adult Cane Corso”


Adorable Meetings


“1930’s Parquet Flooring Restored Today. Before And After Comparison”


“6 Years Ago Today I Had A Surgery To Straighten Up My Spine, This Is The Before/After Result. I Gained 5cm With The Process”


“Before And After Of My DIY Driveway. I Made The Paving Stones And The Driveway”


The Man Who Walked Across China For A Year, Before And After His Trek


“Size Of Orangutan Compared To A Human”


Comparison Images


“Example Of Class Disparity In South Africa”


“Me And My Girlfriend When We First Met vs. Now. The Regretful Emo Phase”


“My First-Ever House Plant Just Turned 5”


“The Difference In Me And My Twin’s Skin Color. He Goes Outside, I Don’t”


“Hummingbird Eggs And Nest. Key For Scale”


“1st Picture Was The Peak Of My Opiate Addiction. 2nd Is A Recent Of One Of Me Healthy And Sober”


“Chimpanzee Fingertip vs. Human Fingertip”


“I Found A Bunch Of Rocks On A Beach And Organized Them By Color”


“Chichen Itza When It Was Discovered In 1892 vs. Present-Day”


“How Titanium Gets Color With Different Voltages”


“The Weather In The Netherlands Today”


“My 16-Years-Old vs. 24-Years-Old SFX Makeup Growth”


“This Weird Lemon That Grew On Our Lemon Tree. Normal Lemon For Comparison”


“My Sister: ‘You Can Do The Half-Marathon With Me! Trust Me, It’s Not That Bad.’ My Sister vs. Me”


“My Parents Have The Evolution Of Cellphones In Their Kitchen Drawer”


“This Comically Huge Strawberry That I Purchased From The Grocery Store Today vs. Hand”


“Biggest Pizza That Can Be Ordered In US”


Anime vs. Reality



“The Size Of A Fiber Optic Wire Capable Of Supplying A Home With High Speed Internet. Hand For Scale”


The Evolution of Lara Craft – 1996 to Present