McDonald’s Opens ‘McHive’ A Miniature Restaurant For Bees

Did you know that McDonald’s had a bid to protect bees? Interestingly, the company commissioned NORDDDB—a creative agency—to design a miniature restaurant just for the bees. It’s called McHive. In this McDonalds McHive Bees Restaurant, however, you’ll find neither Egg McMuffins nor Happy Meals. The “restaurant” is actually a beehive. It’s complete with all the functionalities that the bees need to survive.

The inspiration behind the initiative

The McHive initiative was inspired by the noble efforts of many Swedish McDonald’s restaurants. These have given significant efforts to promote sustainability. For instance, they have installed beehives on the stores’ rooftops.

NORDDDB testifies that such sustainability efforts began locally but later spread throughout the country.

In fact,

“More franchisees around the country are joining the cause. They have also started replacing the grass around their restaurants with flowers and plants. These are important for the wellbeing of wild bees.”

mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 1

McHive: like a real McDonald’s franchise

The McDonalds McHive Bees Restaurant is now welcoming their exceptional “guests.” The unique miniature also has al fresco tables and even drive-through windows. What’s more fascinating is that the McHive also features the iconic McDonald’s logo—though only in miniature.

Moreover, inside the fully-functioning special beehive are wooden frames. There, the bees can do their thing! They can make honeycomb so they could have storage for pollen and honey.

McHive: the tiniest McDonald’s restaurant for bees.

mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 2

mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 3

mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 4

The McDonalds McHive Bees Restaurant is a “franchise” that actually functions as a real beehive.

mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 5

mcdonalds mchive bees restaurant 6



Do you want to know more about McHive? If so, then, check out the website of the NORDDDB for more information.