All-in-One Picture Frame Hanging And Leveling Kit

Hanging a photo frame, mirror, or artwork on a wall can be a challenge. But with the help of this all-in-one leveling kit, you’ll never have crooked pictures or decors on your walls ever again. Keeping your picture frames hanging perfectly straight at all times helps make them look their best. Furthermore, perfectly aligned frames on the wall can make your home look like a professional art gallery. As keen as the human eyes, viewers can notice even the slightest misalignment. This is why it’s important to keep the frames perfectly straight and leveled to ensure that the images can be admired comfortably.

Save yourself from frustration, unsightly marks, and unnecessary holes on your walls by using this all-in-one leveling kit. This handy tool will help you hang and position your pictures right on the first try. So, you can hang frames on your wall like a pro even if it’s your first time. Hanging and leveling picture frames, artworks, mirrors, and other wall decors is now made easy and accurate. No measuring required, it works with standard saw-tooth, D-hook, and wire hook hangers.


Picture Frame Hanging And Leveling Kit

all-in-one hanging and leveling kit

To hang frames with saw-tooth or D-hook hangers, remove the magnetic keys from the toolkit case and insert them into the saw-tooth or D-hook hangers. Place the spike right at the center of the saw-tooth hanger or D-ring and the magnetic key will attach and secure itself in place. Snap off the removable level from the case and attach it on top edge of the frame. Position the frame on the wall and use the level to find the perfect straight position. Then gently push the top corners of the frame to allow the spikes to mark the nail holes on the wall.

hanging pictures tool magnetic keys


How To Use On Saw-Tooth And D-Hook Hangers

hanging and leveling kit saw-tooth d-hook hangers


picture frame leveling kit

For frame with wire hangers, press the center button on the toolkit case to extend it. Hang the wire hanger on the built-in wire hooks and position the frame on the wall using the level. Take the removable push pin located just below the level and poke through the wire hooks to mark the nail holes.


hanging pictures tool extendable


How To Use On Wire Hangers

hanging and leveling kit wire hangers


hanging pictures made easy tool

After marking the nail holes, you can now install nails or screws on the wall and easily hang your pictures or artworks. One of the best things about this all-in-one leveling kit is that it includes all the hardware you need. So, there’s no need to purchase additional nails, screws, hanging wires, or picture hooks. This complete toolkit contains over 85 pieces of all necessary hardware essentials. It also includes 12 single-notch precision hangers for frames without hangers. One happy buyer wrote:

“This product is so easy to use. I am awful at hanging things up and have avoided decorating because of it. I was able to hang all my pictures up quickly with this thing. It is handy and comes with a nice variety of hanging materials also!”

hanging pictures tool hardware essentials


perfectly aligned picture frames


picture frame leveling kit result


all-in-one leveling kit result

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