These Adult Race Car Beds Can Fit Queen & King Size Mattresses

There’s no doubt that being an adult is hard. But if there’s one thing that’s great about being a grownup, it’s definitely having the power to purchase things that we need and want. Of course, these include some petty stuff that our parents refused to buy for us back then. Say, a cool race car bed. Well, if you still haven’t outgrown your love for supercar beds, then now’s your chance to get one for yourself! Apparently, adult race car beds are now a thing to make your childhood dream come true!

It’s no secret that luxury cars cost a fortune, so these beds are a great alternative for now. But if you happen to already own one, then why not get a bed that looks just as sleek as your ride? Luckily, you can now get a sports car-inspired bed frame that can fit a queen-size or even a king-size mattress. So, whether you’re fulfilling a childhood dream or still working on your dream of owning the real thing someday, these beds are perfect for you.

silver supercar bed for grownups


white supercar bed for grownups with scrissor doors


yellow lamborghini inspired bed for grownups


Adult race car beds are now a thing to make your childhood dream come true!

adult race car bed white


adult race car bed dimensions

In terms of design, you certainly won’t be disappointed as there are plenty to choose from. We’ve spotted ones inspired by renowned supercar brands including Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Corvette, and more. And just like the real thing, they also do come in a variety of dashing colors such as red, blue, black, white, silver, yellow, teal, and pink.

red supercar bed for grownups


adult race car bed blue


adult race car bed silver


teal supercar bed for grownups


adult race car bed pink

Most, if not all, designs, feature a frame made of high-quality solid wood with MDF. They also come with car seat-style headboards made of high-density foam and faux leather. Of course, they also come complete with headlights and wheels. In fact, some designs feature headlights that actually work, while others feature ones that are simply made of foam. Meanwhile, the wheels come with illuminated rings which look incredibly stunning at night.

blue supercar bed for grownups


blue supercar bed foam headlight


adult race car bed mustard yellow


white supercar bed for grownups


adult race car bed teal

On top of that, some variants are also equipped with working doors, so going to bed will feel just like riding a car. Aside from sporting some dapper designs, these beds also include clever storage spaces underneath the mattress and hood. There are also variants that feature a built-in speaker console and nightlight on the headboard.

adult race car bed black with scissor doors


adult race car bed yellow with storage


yellow supercar bed for grownups with hood storage


adult race car bed blue with storage


adult race car bed blue with hood storage

Indeed, these supercar beds are a great gift for any car enthusiast, young or old. While they’re widely available online, many shops also offer these designs in kid’s sizes. So, be sure to confirm the size with the seller to avoid any inconvenience.

Source: Alibaba