Denture Drill Bit Holder

Storing and organizing your tools doesn’t need to be boring. This denture drill bit holder is a handy and fun accessory to help you access and store standard bits in the goofiest way possible. If you’re looking for a way to bring smiles into your workshop then this fake dental prosthesis is certainly up to the task.

This funny-looking denture drill bit holder is 3D-printed using PETG plastic. This thermoplastic filament has become popular as a 3D printing material due to its temperature-resistant and highly impact-resistant properties. It is stronger than PLA and more flexible than ABS making it a more reliable filament for 3D printing. This whimsical accessory features locking indents on the hinges so it easily snaps close and open.


Denture Drill Bit Holder

denture driver bit holder

Please note that bits are not included with the denture driver bit holder. So, you’ll need to fill it up with driver bits to complete the look. It can hold up to 28 standard driver bits and securely hold them in place by magnetic force. The integrated magnets will keep the screws from falling to the ground when fastening and unfastening. Plus, the magnets allow you to simply pull out the bits when you need to swap them over.

denture driver bit holder 3d printed


hinged dental prosthesis 3d printed accessory


denture driver bit holder hinged jaws

If you own a 3D printer at home, you can make your own version of this denture driver bit holder by downloading the template online. And if you need some additional guide to help you with 3D printing, we included the assembly video below to help you with that. Still skeptical about this weird design? Don’t just take our words for it. Most buyers were happy with their purchase and only have nice words to say about the item. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“What an excellent 3D printed magnetic bit holder. Not only is this a fun piece, it’s extremely practical for usage. It’s so satisfying when the bits magnetically click into position, they are secured and easily removed. If you need to access, the jaws fully open wide and lay flat for perusal.”

3d printed practical hinged jaws


3d printed practical hinged dental prosthesis


denture driver bit holder petg plastic


denture driver bit holder magnetic


Watch the assembly video below

Source: Etsy | Template