13-Year-Old Shows Her Mother She’s Also Talented At DIY After Redecorating Areas Of Their Home

October last year (2020), majority of the world implemented full-scale lockdowns to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. With adults compelled to work from home and kids forced to adapt to home schooling, parents also struggled on how to keep their kids from getting bored while they’re stuck at home for months. And while most kids occupied themselves with electronic devices, toys, and puzzle games, this 13-year-old girl spent her free time on home renovations by helping her mom spruce up their home in Kent, UK.

DIY expert Susie Lavache, the woman behind the Instagram page bananashed_home, shared how her daughter Bea helped her transform their home in just a week in between home schooling lessons during lockdown. As an expert in home renovations, Susie helped Bea develop her DIY skills by teaching her how to use tools such as handsaw, power drill, and tile cutter. Confident of her little girl’s artistic talent and creativity, she entrusted Bea the task of redecorating the utility room, stairs, office, as well as the feature wall. Bea didn’t disappoint.


This 13-Year-Old Redecorates Her Family’s Home With Her Amazing DIY Skills

susie lavache daughter bea redecorates house

With just a budget of £50, the mother-and-daughter duo transformed their home into a chic abode by largely repurposing items and using supplies they have on hand. Other extra items for the project were bought from eBay. After Bea renovated the stairs with black paneling with the help of her brother Ted, the amazing result blew Susie away. And after teaching the creative girl how to cut MDF strips, she puts her in charge of decorating the floors and walls in their utility room and home office.

girl home renovations panelling


susie lavache bea home renovations wall

“Her style and the way she goes about the physical work is far more precise and clean than mine,” Susie explains. “I’m very slapdash and do things impulsively—she thinks and plans because she wants to get things right the first time. She will also start with a color and build from that whereas I want to ‘see’ the whole picture.”

kids home renovations project panelling

After Susie shared some pics of her daughter’s works on Instagram, her followers loved the fresh style and the transformation she did on the areas. Susie was also more than happy to know that they had inspired other young people to show interest in home renovations.







Source: Instagram