This Pokeball Lunch Box Safely Stores Your Lunch Inside

Gotta catch ‘em all, or in this case, gotta eat ‘em all because this Pokeball Lunch Box lets you carry around your lunch like a Pokemon trainer. Of course, no one is too old to be a Pokemon fan. So, geeks of all ages can use and flaunt it around. This handheld food container looks like a large Pokeball which is used in the popular series to catch and store Pokemon. But of course, you will not be catching Pikachu or Eevee with it. Instead, you will be using it to pack your lunch or snacks for work or school.

The lunch box measures 6.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall with enough space to store an entire lunch. It features an integrated handle for easy transport and a push-button release lid opening. It is made of food-contact-safe plastic and is dishwasher safe. But take note that this lunch case is NOT microwave-safe. You can also use it as a small travel case or a cute clutch when traveling.


Pokeball Lunch Box

pokeball lunch box

Furthermore, the lunch box is officially-licensed Pokemon merchandise, made and sold by ThinkGeek (now Gamestop). So, this is an ideal collectible for all Pokemon fans out there. You can also use the case to store all your Pokemon cards and bring your collection wherever you go. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This was a gift for a young adult who is into the Pokemon Go craze. It was a hit! Good size ball that can hold a decent lunch and very eye-catching. It could easily be used as tote for snacks at your work space too.”

pokemon food container


pokemon snack container


pokeball lunch box pokemon


pokeball lunch box pokemon licensed

We found another version of the Pokemon Lunch Box with a transparent red lid. Unlike the previous version, this one comes with a separate belt to be used as the handle. It comes with a smaller container inside and a divider. So, you can fill the case with food like rice and place any assortment of food in the smaller container. Place the partition in-between to keep the container from touching the rice or other food beneath.

pokeball lunch box with belt handle


pokemon food container with partition


pokemon food case


pokeball lunch box transparent top lid

This lunch box measures 7.3 inches wide and 7.4 inches tall while the smaller container measures 4.3 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Oh, we forgot to tell you that the smaller container has an adorable lid with Pikachu printed on it. Moreover, this item is also officially licensed from Pokemon and is distributed by Japanese company SKATER Co.



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Get the ThinkGeek version here and the SKATER Co. version here.