You Can Catch ‘Em All And Seal In The Cuteness With This Pokemon Terrarium

Pokemon fans just can’t get enough of collectibles and we kind of understand where their obsession is coming from. No one can deny the cuteness of these legendary pocket monsters, both in their baby forms and evolved forms. If you really want to show off your fanatical side in the cutest way possible then get this Pokemon terrarium now. And make other Pokemon fans wail in envy.

Instead of succulent plants, this special terrarium has 5 little pocket monsters ‘planted’ inside the glass container. And instead of the usual glass jar, this geeky terrarium comes in the shape of a Poke Ball with a transparent top dome. The clear Poke Ball includes tiny figures of the original first generation Pokemon including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Eevee. Well, can we just all agree that these original pocket monsters are the cutest in the Pokemon universe?


Pokemon Terrarium

pokemon terrarium with light

All 5 of the adorable characters come affixed inside the terrarium. In addition to the cute monsters, the clear Poke Ball also contains other mini figures in the form of flowers, a mini red Poke Ball, an eaten apple, a red lantern and a jar of honey. The glass dome can be removed if you wish so you can add more Pokemon figures into your little garden. Or if you just want your little pets to get some fresh air.

pokemon terrarium


pokemon terrarium toys inside


pokemon terrarium lantern

This terrarium is also available with or without lights. The lighted version features string lights surrounding the entire round garden. You can choose from 8 different light modes with the use of the included remote control. It also allows you to adjust the brightness level of the dimmable lights.

clear pokeball with toys string light


pokeball with removable top dome


pokemon terrarium wooden base


cute pikachu toys pokeball

The terrarium measures 4 inches in diameter and comes with a wooden magnet base. You’ll receive the terrarium encased in a Poke Ball box and packed in a gift bag with a greeting card attached. These perfectly encapsulated pocket monsters are sure to become the centerpiece of your trove of collectible items. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Let me start with saying that this Pokeball terrarium is the cutest thing ever! My bf enjoyed his gift and the lights inside are totally worth it!”

clear pokeball with toys lantern


pokemon terrarium remote control


pokeball removable top dome

Get yours here.

cute pokeball collectible

Source: Etsy