These Anti-Theft Moldy Lunch Bags Will Keep Your Sandwich Safe From Lunchtime Thieves

Don’t you just hate it when the sandwich you packed for work mysteriously disappears from the office fridge? It’s certainly enough to make anyone hangry! So in case you’ve fallen victim to this rampant office theft (every workplace seems to have this situation, for some reason), or if you don’t want to ever experience it, then you should invest in moldy lunch bags! Okay, calm down – we’re not really telling you to pack your precious sandwiches in mold-infested lunch bags. These sandwich bags by Big Mouth Inc. just have awesomely convincing mold prints on their sandwich bags. The realistic mold will surely discourage any sneaky sandwich thief from taking your much-deserved mid-day snack!

Moldy bread is the last thing anyone would ever want to take a bite out of. According to food experts, consuming moldy bread could lead to allergic reactions or even more grave health issues. With this in mind, we’ve got a feeling that any sneaky sandwich thief will definitely skip your sandwich. However, you might want to prepare for the instance where one of your colleagues tosses your sandwich into the bin to prevent the “mold” from spreading onto the other food items in the fridge. It’s definitely a gamble, but if it means ensuring your scrumptious sandwich’s safety, we don’t see why you shouldn’t invest in these lunch bags.


Keep your sandwich safe from sneaky hands by putting it in one of these moldy lunch bags

moldy lunch bags
BigMouth Inc.

Big Mouth Inc.’s lunch bags are made with food-safe LDPE plastic. With this material, you can keep reusing the bag until it can no longer be used as sandwich storage. Each pack contains 20 individual bags. With this many lunch bags, you can easily pull off a prank on your officemates next time you offer to pack sandwiches for the office picnic! (But that would risk exposing your secret to the sandwich snatcher…) Unfortunately, as of writing, the mold-adorned sandwich bags are currently sold out. We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed that Big Mouth Inc. restocks soon. But if you can’t wait for the brand to restock then perhaps you can make it a little DIY project!

Source: BigMouth Inc.