Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer Is A Real Thing You Can Buy

When we introduced the pickle juice in a can, we made a bold prediction that pickle juice will become the next big thing in the beverage industry. And our prediction was right on the money. By mixing pickle juice and carbonated water, the new Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer gives us the best of both worlds. If you enjoy the salty, tart taste of pickle juice then you’ll surely enjoy it more with a fizzy twist.

What’s more, this sparkling drink was inspired by Pickle Rick from the Rick and Morty show. So, you’ll get triple the fun (pickle juice + carbonated water + Pickle Rick) in one can. The Pickle Rick Seltzer was launched on November 7th in conjunction with the annual global virtual Adult Swim Festival. This effervescent drink isn’t just formulated to appease the taste buds. It also offers amazing health benefits as it claims to relieve muscle cramps and replenish electrolytes. Furthermore, it is sugar free and caffeine free with no artificial flavors or colors. So, you can chug down a can without the guilt.


Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer

pickle rick miracle seltzer 12-pack

The limited edition Miracle Seltzer comes in a 10-oz can that you can buy separately or in a 12-pack. It features the recognizable character on the packaging in all its green glory. The brand’s website also offers the 12-pack along with Pickle Rick-inspired merch including hats and tote bags.

pickle rick miracle seltzer set


pickle rick miracle seltzer

Even if you’re not a pickle-lover, this Pickle Rick Seltzer will surely add some fun into your usual drinking experience. Just admit it, the combination of pickle juice and pure carbonated water really sounds intriguing. Even for a limited time, we’re pretty sure this interesting beverage will become the new sensation. And it will be sad waking up one morning craving for it and they’re already gone.



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