The Pokeball Splat Prank Sticker Shows What Happens When A Pokemon Hunter Throws A Pokeball At The Wrong Target

Live in the Pokemon World and make everyone smile with this Pokeball splat prank sticker. Have you ever imagined how this world would be if Pokemon were real? For sure, everyone would be out there hunting for the rarest Pokemon. With plenty of cute and powerful monsters up for grabs, expect a lot of Pokeballs being thrown left and right. And you already know what happens when Pokemon hunters miss their aim. The round container can crash into glass windows, cars and if you’re unlucky, it can hit you in the face.

This Pokeball prank sticker hilariously shows what happens when a Pokemon hunter accidentally throws the Pokemon ball at the wrong target. This funny car accessory features a partially sunken Pokemon ball on a plastic sticker with crack patterns to resemble a broken glass. When placed on the rear windshield of a car, it actually looks like a real Pokeball has rammed into it.


Pokeball Splat Prank Sticker

pokeball splat prank car accessory

The red and white Pokeball is handmade from resin and hand-painted to make it look as realistic as possible. Just clean the surface and apply the sticker to create the broken-glass look. You can stick this funny sticker on your car and on the glass window of your home or office. If you use it on your car, make sure to keep it away from the wipers and the power windows. And if you know someone who absolutely loves Pokemon, you can prank them by sticking this Pokeball Prank sticker to their car. Trust us, this is the only prank that they will surely appreciate.

pokeball splat prank sticker


pokemon ball broken glass prank sticker


pokeball splat prank car sticker

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Source: Etsy