Japanese Artist Creates The Best Snow Sculptures That Are Next Level ‘Cool’

Aside from sweater weather, warm drinks and cozy nights by the fireplace, another exciting thing about winter is snow. Indeed, the frosty season is just never complete without snowball fights and snowman building. And while most of us engage in these activities purely for fun, some take these activities as opportunities to showcase their competitiveness and creativity. Speaking of creativity, a Japanese artist has recently gone viral for his stunning snow sculptures of famous pop culture icons.

So, anyone who has tried building a snowman would probably agree that it’s not easy. However, that might not be the case for this talented sculptor. Going by the Twitter handle @mokomoko_2015, this “snow craftsman” creates life-size frozen replicas of different characters from anime, video games and movies. From Studio Ghibli films, Pokémon, Godzilla and more, his snow creations depict his impressive attention to detail and mastery of the unique medium.


This artist from Japan creates life-size snow sculptures inspired by characters from anime, video games and movies





Aside from creating each figure with accuracy, he also uses mind-blowing lighting effects whenever appropriate. For instance, he added blinking blue lights on the back of his Godzilla sculpture to portray its nuclear pulse ability.




Another incredible piece is the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro. It’s the 12-legged cat in the form of a bus that served as the protagonists’ mode of transportation in the film. Staying true to how it was portrayed in the film, the artist also added lights to its eyes and body.




Totoro and Friends

His other remarkable works include sculptures of different Pokémon characters, including Mew, Magikarp and Charmander, to name a few. And, aside from anime characters, he has also sculpted figures of notable Western pop culture characters such as the Minions and droids from Star Wars.







BB-8 and D-0


R2-D2 and BB-8


The ephemeral nature of snow undeniably gives his art a bittersweet charm

So, given the ephemeral nature of snow, it’s actually quite sad that @mokomoko_2015’s creations won’t be around for good. But perhaps that’s what gives his masterpieces their bittersweet charm. Not to mention, this ultimately makes his efforts and dedication all the more commendable. Luckily, winter in Japan this year will last until the end of March, so we can probably see more of his amazing creations in the weeks to come! In the meantime, you can check out more of his previous works below!


Takeshi Goda






  Wild Fox






Jiji and Lily


Kitan Club Sitting Cat












Rascal the Raccoon




Spider Demon Rui







So, now you have seen some of his amazing work, which sculpture is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section. We don’t know about you but we can’t decide!

Source: mokomoko_2015