This Magical Wireless Charging Pad Looks Like Something Straight Out Of ‘Stargate’

This magical wireless charging pad makes charging your phone so enchanting. In today’s world, mobile phones have become a necessity for people from all walks of life. There are around 7.8 billion people in the world. Out of this world population, the number of smartphone users is 3.8 billion. So, this means that almost half of the entire population owns a smartphone. As you might have known, battery-operated mobile phones require mobile chargers to keep them working. Hence, chargers are equally as valuable as phones.

Since the emergence of smartphones, we were also introduced to various types of phone charges. And since wireless charging technology is all the rage right now, we’ve found this charging pad that does not only power up your phone’s battery, but also gives you a mystical spectacle while you’re waiting for your phone to charge. This pad-style charger features a magical array of runes that light up as it charges your device. As you lay your phone on the middle of the pad, the unique pattern illuminates and rotates from inside to outside to create a mesmerizing light display.


Magical Wireless Charging Pad With Light Display

magical wireless charging pad

This magical charging pad is Qi certified which means it is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. It features 3 charging modes to cater to different brands of smartphones. Choose the 5W standard charging mode for Qi-enabled phones or other devices with the wireless charging function. The 7.5W fast-charging mode is compatible with iPhone models from iPhone 8 up to the latest model. Choose 10W fast-charging mode for Samsung Note and S models from S8 and Note 8 up to the latest models. Take note that both the fast charging modes (7.5W and 10W) require a QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter.

qi certified phone charger light up


magical wireless charging pad light up

This ultra-slim wireless charging pad comes with a 3.3-feet micro USB cable to connect the unit to a power source (QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter not included). To use, simply place your phone in the middle of the charger with the display facing up. Your phone should start charging as the graphical runes begin to light up and move in a rotating pattern. For faster charging, remove the phone case before charging to make sure it comes in direct contact with the charger. Also keep in mind that metal or magnetic objects can interfere with charging. So, make sure to remove any metal or magnetic attachments from your phone prior to charging.

light up mystical runes phone charger


pad-style charger with illuminated graphics


magical wireless charging pad rune graphics

This wireless charging pad measures 7.17 inches in diameter and only 0.47 inches thick. You can choose from 4 different illuminated graphics colors: blue, blue-green, blue-yellow and green. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is an excellent, and fully functional wireless charger, which let’s be honest, we all need. Rather than another drab slab, this is exceptionally beautiful. It has a glass finish embellished with Celtic runes and symbols. But when you place your phone on it, it begins charging and the light show begins.”

magical wireless charging pad blue green


qi certified phone charger light up green

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