‘Lunumbra’ Transforms Old Pokemon Cards Giving Them A New Lease Of Life

Many of you reading this will have a bunch of old Pokemon cards stashed away somewhere gathering dust. With the release of the phone app Pokemon GO, along with natural time progression, most people haven’t played with the cards in years. But, for those who are still fans of the cards, you might be interested in the work of ‘Lunumbra’. Lunumbra refurbishes old, damaged Pokemon cards with acrylic paint giving them a whole new lease of life. Take a look!
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We just can’t get enough of these awesome cards! How great do the transformations look? It can take Lunumbra an hour or so to complete each card depending on its complexity. Lunumbra does take commissions so if you have a unique idea on how you would like to transform a card you can submit a request form! Some of the cards that Lunumbra makes that aren’t commissions also go up for sale on their Facebook page. Keep going to see more fantastic creations!