Amusing Security Fails That Need To Be Reconsidered

We don’t always realize it, but security is a huge part of our everyday lives. For example, we all lock our doors and cars without giving it a second thought. Businesses make sure to restrict who can access certain things.

These occurrences are normal unfortunately due to there being some people in this world that simply cannot be trusted! However, there are a huge amount of security fails around that need to be reconsidered.

We wonder if the owner of this bike misjudged the situation, or, did they just hope that the illusion of being locked up would be enough to deter a thief?

Imagine if you forgot about the chains and tried to drive off!

You can’t always rely on technology…

That’s the least menacing security ‘dog’ we’ve ever seen!

Why not just have a normal door handle here?

‘I’ll never forget the time my mom installed this lock on one of her bathroom drawers when I was a kid…’

The Bank of Melbourne is clearly a very trusting organisation!

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Good try…

We know people like to have things for decorative purposes but this is just silly!

You wouldn’t want to mess with a home that has knife wielding robot as security, right?!

We hope that this was just a bit of fun…

This barrier is clearly doing its job fantastically!


Here’s what we like to call the ‘trust’ lock! It’s there to notify people the locker is in use but bears no actual protection, you just have to trust that people won’t steal your stuff.