You Can Get A Pátron Tequila Set Complete With A Couple Of Silver Mule Mugs From Costco

We’ve got hundreds of reasons to go to Costco. After all, the giant wholesale purveyor has nearly everything you could ever want or need. From household items, clothes, groceries, ready-to-eat meals and even alcoholic beverages, Costco’s got them all! The awesome, affordable deals that this wholesaler offers just keep coming. This time, their latest offering comes in the form of a Pátron Tequila set, which comes with a pair of silver mule mugs!

Costco has plenty of boozy options lined up in their shelves. (They’ve got plenty of Kirkland Signatures!) But most of their deals feature mid-range bottles. And as we all know, Pátron is anything but mid-range. This premium brand is often reserved for special occasions mostly because it costs a more than your average Saturday night bottle. After all, this brand prides itself for being additive-free, which gives their tequila an all-natural taste, aroma, color and finish. Coincidentally, Costco launched this set just in time for National Tequila Day, which fell on July 24th this year.

Pátron tequila set
Pátron Tequila


two friends enjoying the Pátron tequila set
Pátron Tequila


Costco is selling a Pátron Tequila set

Instagram user @costcosisters was among the first to spot the Tequila deal. In their post, we can see that the set features a 1.75-liter bottle of Silver Tequila accompanied by a pair of limited edition silver mule mugs. And the best part about this set? You can get it for just around $70 to $80! This set is definitely a deal, since 1.75L bottles usually retail for about $100 or more. And this set even comes with two silver mule mugs engraved with branding, so what’s not to love about this set?

Pátron mule mug with the 1.75L silver tequila in the background
Pátron Tequila


The set includes two mule mugs

Friends using the Pátron mule mugs
Pátron Tequila


mule mug detail
Pátron Tequila

Christmas may be a hundred or so days away, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to wait until the winter months roll in to start thinking about what to stock in your liquor cabinet for the festivities. This Tequila set will definitely make a wonderful gift to your tequila-loving amigo(s) and amiga(s)! At the moment, the limited edition set is featured on the brand’s website, and they’re providing plenty of refreshing cocktail recipes for you and your friends to try and enjoy.

chilled mule mug
Pátron Tequila

Unfortunately, Pátron has indicated that the limited edition set is not available in several locations like Vermont, Maine, Iowa, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington, Alaska and Utah. So if you’re lucky enough to spot this shiny set, you’d better grab it before someone else does!

Source: Pátron Tequila