‘PokéNatomy’ Is A Book That Shows You What The Inside Of Pokémon Might Look Like

Gotta catch ‘em all? Or more like ‘gotta cut ‘em all’ if you read this Pokémon Anatomy Book called PokéNatomy. When it comes to Pokémon fandom, there are three levels of fans: casual, avid and hard-core. Casual fans of Pokémon are those who watch Pokémon anime series because they find Pikachu or Squirtle super cute. Avid fans are those who religiously watch the anime series and play the entire video game series of the media franchise. And lastly, hard-core fans are those who can name all existing Pokémon starting from Generation 1 up to Generation 7. Furthermore, they can memorize all the characteristics, behavior, and abilities of all the 809 ‘pocket monsters’ even with their eyes closed.

pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book

If you’re a hard-core Pokemon fanatic and you think you’ve known everything about every Pokémon then you’re wrong. We bet you’ve never seen what’s inside these evolving creatures. And we’re not talking about the power that’s inside every Pokémon. But we’re referring to their anatomical structure, literally.

What do you expect to see if you dissect Pikachu or JigglyPuff? Hard-core Pokémon fan and graphic artist Christopher Stoll allows us to discover the internal parts of the original 151 Pokémon. Through his Pokemon Anatomy Book, he vividly illustrated the internal body systems of each creature along with detailed descriptions of their biology, characteristics, abilities, and behaviors.

pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book sandshrew


pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book introduction page

The book contains over 300 pages of colorful illustrations of partially skinned Pokémon. A little twisted, yes. But every Pokemon fans would appreciate all the useful information they can get from this book. Stoll explains that the book is an ‘unofficial anatomical art project’ and is purely ‘fan-made’. In October 2016, he launched the project on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase. The book is available in four different formats – leatherbound, hardcover, soft cover, and digital.

pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book hardcover leatherbound


Check Out Some Images from Pokémon Anatomy Book

pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book christopher stoll


pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book tangela


pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book raichu

After the enormous success of the first book, should we be expecting a second part? Perhaps the next book will be featuring anatomical structures of the Generation 2 Pokémon? We’ll be staying tune for this possibility.

pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book bulbasaur


pokenatomy vulpix


pokenatomy squirtle


pokenatomy jigglypuff


pokenatomy voltorb


pokenatomy lapras


pokenatomy the pokemon anatomy book cover

Get the PokéNatomy book here.