Artist João Bruno Videira Creates Beautiful Woolen Yarn Objects

Sometimes, all we need is one little spark to ignite the flame of inspiration. For Portuguese artist João Bruno Videira, that spark came in the form of a request to repair a chair. By removing the broken straw and weaving woolen yarn to make a new seat, Videira found himself wanting to create more handmade objects out of colorful textile fiber. Today, the self-taught textile sculptor has been recognized worldwide for his vibrant textile masterpieces with mesmerizing, unpredictable patterns.

Back in the summer of 2006, Videira was working as a TV journalist when his friend gave him a chair to repair. But instead of repairing the broken straw seat, he decided to replace it with something else. Videira came from a family of wool growers and his mother was very passionate about making Arraiolos rugs, a typical type of carpet in Portugal. He thought of using the same fiber that his mother used in creating the new seat. Woolen yarn is distinct from other natural fibers in terms of texture, color, resistance, and malleability.


Portuguese Artist Interweaves Colorful Woolen Yarn To Create Fascinating Objects

Having found his calling since then, he began making handmade objects where each piece is carefully made by twisting, turning, and pulling the woolen yarn. Using his raw material as a means of communicating, he developed his very own techniques and discovered numerous ways to incorporate his craft into furniture and design. From yarn-covered benches and chairs to sculptures and abstract paintings, every piece is a perpetual game of interlacing colorful wool passing over and over again through his hands.

“Nature and its multitude of forms obviously play a crucial role in terms of creative stimulus,” he says. “In addition, geometry is something that seduces me and can be seen in all of my work.”

























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