This Pendulum Decision Maker Will Help Decide Important Things Like Which Takeaway To Get

Feeling indecisive about everything? Forget flipping a coin and let this swinging magnetic pendulum decision maker determine your fate. Decision-making is one of the most difficult things to do because it requires time and energy to weigh your choices. Moreover, the fear of making the wrong move makes people hesitate to pick an option. Just the thought of suffering the consequences of making bad decisions is scary enough to trigger anxiety.

If you feel like you’re always struggling to make a choice then this decision maker might be for you. Just ask any yes-or-no decision-making question, gently wag the hanging pendulum and watch as it swings across the base. The swinging pendulum gradually slows down and settles on a particular choice to give an answer to your question. Possible answers include Yes, No, Always, Never and Maybe. You can follow the swaying movement of the pendulum with your eyes as you eagerly await for the verdict.


Pendulum Decision Maker

pendulum decision maker

It features a mallet-like pendulum suspended by a curved arm which is attached to the wooden base by a screw. There’s a magnet embedded in the pendulum and 5 separate magnets placed underneath each possible answer. Each word is deeply cut into the wood through laser cutting technology. All embedded magnets are completely concealed in the wooden base so you can only see the surface. The bottom of the wooden base is lined with red felt to prevent it from slipping and to keep it from scratching the surface.

wooden pendulum decision maker


swinging magnetic pendulum hardwood

Whenever you feel unsure of what to do, you can count on this decision maker to seek the answer for you. More importantly, you can save yourself from the blame if it turns out to be a bad decision. And don’t worry, this wooden pendulum shall accept all the blame and keep it to itself, without any complaints. Made of hardwood, its unique craftsmanship also makes it a stylish piece of décor in your home. And if you know someone who also has a hard time making decisions, this could really help them a lot.

magnetic pendulum decision maker

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