Pringles Sweet Corn Flavor Chips Taste Just Like Corn On The Cob With Butter

Every season’s got their fair share of tasty treats. But corn on the cob slathered with butter is arguably one of the most resilient bites you can enjoy whenever you want. It goes well with a wide range of dishes and is just as delicious on its own. The only downside to it is that the melted butter can make quite a mess. Others may say that dealing with sticky fingers is part of the fun, but if you’d rather keep your hands clean, then you should give the new Pringles Sweet Corn flavor a try!

This new offering from our favorite potato chip brand may sound odd, since we’re more familiar with Pringles having more tangy or savory flavors. But it’s not like Pringles is a stranger to incorporating bizarre flavors into their chips. This year alone, the brand released a flavor inspired by Pickle Rick for the Super Bowl weekend. And clearly the brand isn’t biding their time in releasing more exclusive flavors for us to munch on!


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Snack your way through summer with the new Pringles Sweet Corn flavor

Now corn-flavored chips aren’t exactly new. In fact, it’s a well-loved flavor. But as we said, it’s certainly an experience to get the flavor from Pringles, but here we are. Instagrammers @markie_devo and @candyhunting were among the first to share the world’s first glimpse of the sweet corn-flavored Pringles. “Pringles has decided to bring us all down to the farm and pluck, shuck and cook up some homegrown sweet corn,” Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack wrote. And according to the review, the chips are bright yellow, much like the color of the sweet corn. And aside from achieving the corn-like hue, Pringles has also managed to capture the delightful buttered flavor and scent, according to the review.


“It was as if I had closed my eyes and a hot and steamy corn on the cob with a chunk of butter on top was right in front of me!”

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The reviewer’s impression on the chips are spot on with the brand’s official description, so we’re pretty much sold. According to the brands PR, the chips incorporate the sweet and salty flavors of cooked corn slathered with creamy butter. All this, without the sticky aftermath of eating the real thing! Now isn’t that just fantastic?


The Sweet Corn flavor is exclusive

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You won’t find the Sweet Corn flavor just anywhere though. Apparently, these chips sit exclusively on the shelves of Walgreens. And they won’t be around for a long time either. So you’ll need to act fast and get yourself a tube or several before everything’s harvested from the shelves.