Free Accomodation in Italian Alps… For Those Willing To Get There


Fancy some free accommodation in the Italian Alps? Well, this little beauty of a hut is all yours, if you can get there, that is. Designed by Italian architect Giovanni Pesamosca in 2012, this small, very remote, but perfect gem of a wood hut is located 8,300ft up Foronon del Buinz mountain. It features a sharply sloping roof to prevent the build-up of snow and stunning, panoramic views of Italy's Julian Alps. Accommodation at the hut is free to those mountain enthusiasts who care to hike, or perhaps even helicopter, to the breathtaking alpine site, on the Ceria-Merlone trail.  

Pesamosca was commissioned to design the unique hut by the family of ace Italian mountain climber Luca Vuerich, who died after being caught in an avalanche in 2010, aged just 34. A team of 12 builders, mountain rescue staff and Luca's friends assembled the cabin (which measures 16 square meters) in a single day. (Although it took 18 helicopter trips to get the materials to the site, first!) Check it out.

Website: Giovanni Pesamosca Architect




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