This Freddy Krueger Fire Pit Is A Perfect Addition To Any Horror Fan’s Backyard

Horror fans, we’ve found the perfect backyard amenity for you. This Freddy Krueger fire pit will make every day feel like Halloween. It features the terrifying head of the notorious fictional serial killer in precise detail. This is certainly a nightmare dream come true for all A Nightmare on Elm Street fans out there.

This horror movie-inspired wood burner features an accurate replica of the villain’s head. The burned, disfigured face along with his demonic eyes and horrifying grimace. Of course, the fire pit also includes the killer’s trademark fedora hat. It also comes complete with his infamous bladed glove that he usually uses to slay his victims in their dreams.


Freddy Krueger Fire Pit

creepy mild steel wood burner

If you think the fire pit looks spooky on its own then wait till you light it up with fire. Watch in horror as the flames come through the eyes and mouth, and even through his fedora hat. Whether you simply want to warm up during chilly nights or roast marshmallows, this creepy wood burner makes the spookiest addition to your backyard.

freddy krueger fire pit


horror movie inspired wood burner


freddy krueger fire pit halloween

This freestanding wood burner features a support base in the form of chains that also holds the bottom plate. Overall, it measures 33.4 inches tall and 18.8 inches wide. This fire pit is handmade from mild steel. It doesn’t come cheap though, considering its detailed design that also doubles as an exquisite collectible item. And if you’re looking to have the perfect Halloween centerpiece for your backyard then this should definitely fit the bill.

freddy krueger fire pit halloween decor


halloween-inspired wood burner


freddy krueger fire pit head

You might want to order it now because we have a feeling this will become a hot item come Halloween. So, why not get ahead of everyone and get it now while stocks are still available.

halloween-inspired wood burner detail

Get it here.

halloween-inspired mild steel wood burner

Source: Etsy