You Can Get Wrapping Paper That Looks Like A Cheeseburger

There are two types of gift-givers in the world: those who simply put their gift in a pretty, pre-made gift box or bag and those who enjoy taking the time to wrap their gift. After all, I think we can all agree that giving or receiving a nicely wrapped present feels a whole lot nicer than getting one that’s been wrapped sloppily (if at all). In fact, gift-wrapping is considered an art form by the Japanese. Well, if you’re looking to impress a family member or friend who enjoys biting into greasy cheeseburgers, then this cheeseburger wrapping paper is perfect!

The wrapping paper is designed and sold by Gift Couture. Couple Sarah and Justin Colt from New York own and operate the brand. They mainly sell coordinated wrapping paper sets that are unlike anything you’ve ever really seen before. We’ve all grown accustomed to seeing wrapping paper with repeating patterns across the sheet. This isn’t how Gift Couture rolls with their coordinated wrapping paper. Instead of printing repetitive patterns on the paper, they’ve instead chosen to print a large image of their subject onto their wrapping paper to give it a more solid look.

Gift Couture Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper set
Gift Couture


New York-based gift wrap brand Gift Couture has a cheeseburger wrapping paper set

Gift Couture’s high-quality wrapping paper set includes 5 wrapping sheets. Each sheet features a different component of the cheeseburger. So in every set, you’ll get a sheet printed with a picture of the hamburger, lettuce, tomato and cheese. And of course, there’s also a pair of sheets printed with burger buns to complete your cheeseburger gift set! Each gift wrap sheet measures 25 inches by 21 inches, which should be enough to cover whatever you’re thinking of giving to that cheeseburger lover!

high quality print details of the cheeseburger wrapping paper
Gift Couture


cheeseburger wrapper set
Gift Couture

Their wrapping paper is made with recycled paper. They also added that their products, including their wrapping paper set, are printed in the USA. And aside from their cheeseburger-themed set, Gift Couture also has a steak and pizza set. Talk about serving up a visual feast, right? Check the cheeseburger set here.

Source: Etsy GiftCouture