This Punch Needle Embroidery Kit Is Perfect For Novice Crafters

If you’re into fabric crafts then you’ve probably tried your hand at embroidery or cross stitch. But if these crafts are too difficult or too time-consuming for you then you may want to try an easier type of embroidery. Punch needle embroidery is a simple and fast fabric craft that anyone can learn in an afternoon. Instead of the regular embroidery needle, this easy-to-make craft uses a special type of needle characterized by a hollow stem, a beveled point and a large eye.

To make it a lot easier, this Etsy shop offers a kit including everything you need to create eye-catching embroidery. It includes one punch needle, a set of cotton threads, a hoop and illustrated linen fabric with pre-drawn outlines. And of course, the kit comes with detailed instructions to help you create your embroidered masterpiece. But first, let us try to learn the basics of this easy-to-learn craft.


Punch Needle Embroidery

punch needle embroidery

In this type of embroidery, the long needle pushes the thread into the fabric instead of inserting it back and forth. Hence, you can create fabric art by keeping the needle on the surface. To get the yarn into the punch needle, you’ll need either a metallic wire threader or a long sewing needle to do it. Put the threader through the hollow stem of the punch needle until the tip emerges at the other end. Insert the yarn into the threader then pull the yarn through the stem until it comes out at the backside of the punch needle. You’ll need to poke the yarn through the large eye.


The Kit Includes An Adjustable Punch Needle, Colored Threads, A Hoop And Illustrated Linen Fabric

rug hooking craft set


punch needle embroidery kit

If you prefer using a long sewing needle to thread the punch needle, insert the yarn into the sewing needle first. Then insert it from the backside of the punch needle until the yarn pokes out at the other side. Pull the sewing needle through the stem and thread it through the large eye of the punch needle. After you have threaded the punch needle, you’re now ready to punch the threads into the fabric.

rug hooking craft threading


punch needle embroidery easy


punch needle embroidery kit instructions


rug hooking craft


rug hooking craft set easy

If you’re ready to create art with yarn, this embroidery kit can serve as your stepping stone to master the craft. Just follow the detailed instructions and use the pre-drawn outlines as guides to get the hang of it. Designed for beginners, this kit should teach you the basics of the craft. And lets you create impressive artwork that you can show off to your friends and guests. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Love this design! Comes with a very nice punch needle that can be adjusted for length. The yarn is of very nice, soft quality. Can’t wait to start punch needling!”

punch needle embroidery finished


rug hooking craft finished

Get yours here.

Source: Etsy