Dairy Queen’s New Mint Chip Shake Is Mixed With Chocolate Shavings

What do you normally order at Dairy Queen? Their iconic Blizzards may be your go-to choice, but their limited-edition Mint Chip Shake just might change that! The introduction of this minty new milkshake during Shamrock Shake season isn’t a mere coincidence either. Dairy Queen has finally joined the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. And it just might beat McDonald’s in reaching this year’s pot of gold!

Word about DQ’s Mint Shake began circulating on the internet in late January 2021. Several popular food blogs like The Impulsive Buy and Chew Boom were among the first to spot and sample the Saint Patrick’s Day-themed sip. The blogs’ reviews for the chocolate mint-flavored milkshake are promising. Chew Boom even went on to describe the offering as “cool and refreshing, like mint chocolate chip ice cream in liquid form”! On their website, DQ wrote:

“When your St. Patrick’s Day season celebrations need refreshing, nothing is more fresh than the DQ Mint Chip Shake. It truly is the sip of the season. Happy Tastes Good.”


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Dairy Queen is offering a Mint Shake in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

According to its description, the Mint Shake is made of Crème de Menthe mixed with DQ’s classic (and world-famous) vanilla soft-serve. This minty and creamy milkshake also has chocolate cone shavings to give you a burst of sweet texture in every sip. The mint-choc-flavored milkshake also comes topped with a “flourish of whipped cream”. This St. Patrick’s Day-themed sip features a green tinge that’s absolutely worthy of an appearance on your pastel-colored springtime grid on Instagram!


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You can get the Mint Chip in either small, medium or large sizes. But if you’d rather do without the chocolate shavings, you can opt for the Mint Shake instead. We’re definitely more than happy to have DQ’s Mint Oreo Blizzard and Mint Chip on rotation this entire March! Check if your nearest DQ location is offering the limited time offer here.