People Dunking Their McDonald’s Ice Cream Into Black Coffee Is Becoming A Trend

Have you tried mixing McDonald’s Ice Cream and McCafe Black Iced Coffee? If not then you’re really missing out on the latest food trend. It’s all over TikTok right now. And there’s no harm in trying since we all know no one can’t get through a day without their cups of caffeine. Plain black coffee is great and all but it’s good to try something new once in a while.

The viral food hack involves dunking McDonald’s vanilla soft serve ice cream into a large cup of black iced coffee. Mix them together using the straw until the coffee turns creamy brown. Enjoy your sweet, creamy chilled coffee. And don’t forget to share your video on TikTok to join the trend.


McDonald’s Ice Cream And Black Coffee Hack Dominates TikTok

mcdonalds ice cream and coffee hack

Early this year, the McDonald’s ice cream and McCafe Iced Latte combo hack became popular in Korea and Malaysia. However, some people found the combination too sweet for their taste. Well, let’s just consider the fact that iced latte already contains milk and creamer to begin with. TikTok users then tried to go for the plain black coffee instead of the iced latte. And all of them claimed that it was indeed the perfect blend.



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McDonald’s vanilla soft serve ice cream, as substitute for the creamer, will add another level of creaminess to the black coffee, with a sweetness that is not too overwhelming unlike the iced latte version. Apparently, TikTok users are quick to go along with the newest food craze. And you should too!



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All you have to do is order a large black iced coffee and a vanilla ice cream cone. Simply dunk the soft serve into the coffee and mix thoroughly. Just a piece of advice though, if your cup of coffee is brimming, sip a bit to make room for the ice cream. You don’t want your caffeine spilling over and making a mess when you do the dunking, right?