Rolled Ice Cream Maker

Beat the heat by making frozen treats at home with this rolled ice cream maker. Summer just wouldn’t be summer without ice cream. But if you’re sick and tired of the usual scooped version then you might want to try something new. Rolled ice cream, also known as stir-fried ice cream, has become one of the most recent fads in frozen treats. People are lining up in street carts or fancy storefronts just to try this popular dessert. But there’s no need to wait in long queue just to get a taste of it because now you can make this interesting frozen dessert in the comfort of your home.

Unlike the traditional scooped ice cream on a cone or cup, the stir-fried version is served in the form of cylindrical-shaped spiral curls. These beautiful rolls of frozen goodness are often served in a cup, garnished with fruits, cookies, choco bits, and more. As far as visual is concerned, this upgrade is an inordinately Instagrammable treat. And it’s not just the end result that is lovely, even the way it is made is oddly satisfying to watch. With the right machine and tools, making stir-fried ice cream is really easy to do. Thankfully, this rolled ice cream maker includes everything you need to make your own stir-fried ice cream at home.


Rolled Ice Cream Maker

rolled ice cream maker freezable pan

This rolled ice cream maker set includes a freezable anti-griddle pan, 2 plastic scrapers, 6 fun shape cutters, and a straw spoon. Before you start making your creamy swirls, pop the anti-griddle pan in the freezer for 24 hours prior to use. Prepare the ice cream base by mixing the cream and condensed milk in a bowl. You can go a little creative from here on, you can add milk, sugar, or spices into the liquid base according to your taste. Prepare any additional ingredients to mix with your ice cream base – chopped fruits, nuts, cookie crumbles, choco bits, and more.

anti-griddle pan kit


rolled ice cream maker pan


rolled ice cream

Take the anti-griddle pan from the freezer and place the additional ingredients in the middle before pouring in the ice cream base. Get the scrapers and start chopping all the ingredients, making sure to mix them with the liquid base thoroughly. Once the mixture is smooth, use the scraper to spread the ice cream into a thin layer across the pan. The mixture will start to freeze and become firm after 20 seconds. Once it’s completely frozen, use the scraper to scrape the mixture at a 45 degree angle. Slowly scrape the layer into rolls and pick up the rolls using tongs. Arrange the rolls in a bowl or cup then add your preferred toppings to finish off.


“Works great with a variety of base blends.”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “Fun, quick, easy. The plastic spatulas surprised me at how well they chop the mixer items.”

stir fried ice cream rolls


rolled ice cream maker

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