Meet Mya The ‘Pomsky’ That Looks Half Fox, Half Dog

Mya the Pomsky is currently stealing the hearts of people on the internet and it’s easy to see why. Well, you only need to take one look at her to find yourself totally captivated by her charm. At first look, you may think this gorgeous furry creature is a fox. But she’s not. Rather, she belongs to a canine cross-breed between a Pomeranian and a Husky.

With her rusty red color fur, upright triangular ears and fierce blue eyes, it’s only reasonable to mistake Mya for a fox. Furthermore, pet foxes are now becoming all the rage on social media. Yes, domesticated foxes are unconventional pets and it would be cool to brag about having one. But keep in mind that foxes are naturally wild animals and are not designed to live with humans unlike dogs.

While there are foxes that are especially trained and tamed to coexist with humans, their wild instincts will manifest from time to time. Moreover, owners must know how to deal with their aggressiveness whenever they unleash their natural instincts. And yes, foxes may bite if they are distressed or panicked.


Meet Mya, the popular Pomsky dog that looks like a fox

mya the pomsky

If you want a pet that is as charming as a fox without having to deal with their ‘wild’ episodes, this breed is clearly your best bet. These cute dogs may look like a real fox but they are entirely domesticated dogs. You get to cuddle a fox-like dog while getting all the affection and loyalty that a loving dog could give.

The breed got its fox-like appearance due to the combination of physical features inherited from both of its progenitors. Pomeranian dogs are considered one of the cutest dog breeds due to their petite size and perky personality. Despite their size, Pomeranian dogs are reliable watchdogs and possess the courage of much bigger dogs. The Husky, on the other hand, is a medium-sized dog recognizable by its thickly furred double coat, erect triangular ears and striking blue eyes. Unlike the adorable Pomeranian pooches, Husky dogs are resilient and are often used as sled dogs in the Arctic.

When it comes to personality, this breed has a good balance of character from both of its parents. Although Pomeranians are devoted to their owners, they can be hostile to strangers and intruders which is the main characteristic of a watchdog. On the contrary, Huskies are bred to perform as part of a pack so sociability is in their blood. Despite their wolf-life appearance, Huskies are friendly and easy-going canines even to strangers.


Mya may look like a fox but she’s a friendly dog

mya the pomsky with her owner

Mya the Pomsky is proof that this adorable breed makes the cutest and most ideal pet. Cute, playful and suiteable for apartment life, you’ll never get bored with their company. Plus, you’ll get to have warm cuddles with a fierce-looking yet affable companion. Take a peek at Mya’s adventures and let her loveliness (and silliness) make your day brighter.

mya the pomsky rusty red color fur


mya the dog that looks like a fox


mya the fox-like dog sleeping


mya the pomsky looks like a fox


pomeranian-husky mix mya


mya pomeranian-husky blue eyes


mya pomeranian-husky looks like a fox


dog that looks like fox


mya fox-like dog


mya fox-like dog sleeping


mya broncos fan


mya the pomsky fox-like appearance

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