A Pair Of Crocs Exist That Come With Fanny Packs Attached

Japanese products are undoubtedly the weirdest in the world, but we mean it in a good way. This just shows that innovation doesn’t have to be mundane all the time.  In this age where every little detail counts, Japan certainly has an answer for everything. We bet no other country has even considered putting fanny packs on footwear. But a company in Japan did. Beams, a Japanese clothing brand, collaborated with Crocs to bring you these Crocs with fanny packs.

These Crocs X Beams shoes have mini fanny packs attached on the back because you never when to need some extra storage.  It is available in green and purple colors and each pair costs ¥5,940 which is around $53.66. The new Crocs with fanny packs are currently available in Japan. And there’s no definite date when they will be launched in the US.


Green Crocs with Fanny Packs

Purple Crocs with Fanny Packs




The Crocs X Beams Fanny Pack shoes are part of the collaboration’s line of innovative footwear. Beams unveiled the collection on its Instagram page showing the Crocs with fanny packs along with other unique-looking shoes. The collection also includes Crocs with visors, Crocs with fringe, Crocs with shiny jibbittz, and two women sandals.

Crocs with Fringe

Crocs with Visors

Crocs with Jibbitz

Ray Beams Women Sandals

We can’t wait to rock these stylish shoes and keep our stuff (like coins or keys) inside the cutesy fanny packs.