The New Ben & Jerry’s Topped Ice Cream Has A Layer Of Chocolate Ganache On Top

It’s no secret that Ben & Jerry’s has some of the best-tasting ice cream flavors in the world. Even so, they continue to churn out more drool-worthy variants that never fail to set the bar high. Case in point, the brand has recently launched a new line of over-the-top ice cream sundaes that will redefine the way you enjoy the classic frozen treat. You better have a sturdy dessert spoon on hand because you’ll be in for some serious digging with new Ben & Jerry’s Topped.

Aptly marketed as “Topped,” the brand’s latest ice cream innovation features loaded ice cream sundaes with a chocolate ganache topping. According to the brand, the topping is “firm but spoonable,” so you can easily scrape it off or integrate it into your ice cream. There are seven flavors to choose from, so there’s definitely one for you regardless of your flavor preference.

ben & jerry's topped ice cream flavors
Ben & Jerry’s


The new Ben & Jerry’s Topped line consists of loaded ice cream sundaes with a layer of decadent chocolate ganache on top

For starters, there’s Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough for the ultimate chocolate and cookie lover. It consists of chocolate ice cream with caramel swirls and bits of chocolate chip cookie dough. It also comes with a dark chocolate ganache topping that’s loaded with caramel cups.

ben & jerry's topped chocolate caramel cookie dough ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

PB Over the Top is another must-try for chocolate lovers. It features the same chocolate ice cream base but with peanut butter swirls this time. Of course, it also comes with a chocolate ganache topping and, as you have probably already guessed, mini peanut butter cups!

topped pb over the top ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

For subtle chocolatey treats, you can choose between Tiramisu, Salted Caramel Brownie and Thick Mint. Tiramisu combines mascarpone ice cream with fudge swirls and shortbread pieces. A layer of decadent chocolatey ganache with espresso fudge chunks covers the top for creamy, bittersweet goodness.

ben & jerry's topped tiramisu ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

Meanwhile, Salted Caramel Brownie consists of vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls and chewy fudge brownies chunks. This brownie ala mode-inspired ice cream also comes topped with a chocolate ganache and caramel cups.

topped salted brownie caramel ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

For mint chocolate fans, Thick Mint is certainly an easy and obvious choice. It features a mint ice cream base with chocolate cookie swirls and mint chocolate cookie balls. The top is layered with chocolate ganache and more chocolate cookie chunks.

topped thick mint ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

Of course, a fruity variant is imperative in every new line of desserts, so we hope you like strawberries. Strawberry Topped Tart consists of sweet cream ice cream with strawberry swirls and pie crust pieces. Unlike other flavors, this one comes with a white chocolate ganache topping that’s loaded with colorful candy sprinkles on top.

topped strawberry topped tart ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

Last but definitely not the least is Whiskey Biz, which is perfect if you love sweet treats with a boozy note. It features brown butter bourbon ice cream with blonde brownie chunks and WhistlePig PiggyBack Rye-infused caramel swirls. A layer of white chocolate ganache with white fudge chunks sits atop this unique and delectable treat.

ben & jerry's topped whiskey biz ice cream pint
Ben & Jerry’s

In a press release, Dena Wimette, the brand’s Innovation Guru, revealed the inspiration behind this new line of over-the-top treats:

“We wanted to dial up the indulgence level with this unique line of flavors, which entirely challenges HOW you eat this ice cream. We started with sundaes and all the things you add to sundaes to make them great as our inspiration. You could say we ended up going over the Topped.”

The Ben & Jerry’s Topped Line has already rolled out to leading retailers nationwide. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time snagging a pint or two of your preferred flavors. Get your spoon (and wallet) ready because you just have to try them all!

Source: Ben & Jerry’s Website