Capture Photos Like A Pro With This Phone Camera Lens Kit

Remember the days when you needed to use a professional DSLR camera to capture high definition photos? Today, anyone can take high resolution pictures like a pro by only using the camera on their smartphones. And you can too when you use this phone camera lens kit that lets you take crystal clear pictures that look professional. And because your mobile phone is always with you, it’s the most convenient device that enables you to snap photos of random moments or unexpected events that no one could have anticipated to unfold before their eyes.

Mobile phone companies have recently been taking phone photography up a notch. Apple, for example, has equipped its latest iPhone models with, not just 2, but 3 rear cameras. Each camera provides a certain focal length so you can choose the right lens if you want to zoom out or zoom in to your subject. But if you’re using phone models with a single camera, there’s no reason to feel down. You only need to get this kit so you can use your single-camera phone to capture photos like a triple-camera can.


Phone Camera Lens Kit

phone camera lens kit

This camera lens kit includes a 2-in-1 lens that provides the capability of two lenses in one. The two small lenses –  wide angle lens and macro lens – are screwed together for easy storage. With both lenses attached together, it can be used as a wide angle lens. If you want to use the macro lens, simply unscrew the wide angle lens by turning it clockwise to detach. In addition to the 2-in-1 lens, the set also includes a fisheye lens. All in all, you’ll get three great lenses to give you a range of shooting options in order to help you get the perfect photo.


2-in-1 Lens (Wide Angle and Macro) + Fisheye Lens

fisheye wide angle macro lenses


The Kit Also Includes A Universal Lens Clip For Easy Attachment

fisheye lenses clip on


phone camera lens kit clip on

The kit comes with one universal lens clip for easy lens attachment. Simply screw your preferred lens onto the clip and place it over the camera on your device. The clip can be used on a wide range of smartphones and mobile devices. Use the wide angle lens to expand the limits of your regular lens, making it ideal to capture large group shots, landscapes and other extensive scenes.

The macro lens allows for closer focusing distances and is designed for photographing small subjects. When using the macro lens, you’re required to get close to the small subject in order to fill the frame and reveal all the smallest details. This close-up shooting option is perfect for capturing images of insects, flowers, leaves and other tiny objects.

phone camera lens kit box


phone camera lens kit universal clip


Wide Angle Shot

wide angle shot


Macro Shot

macro lenssample shot


Fisheye Shots

fisheye lens sample shots

The fisheye lens is an ultra-wide angle lens that creates strong visual distortion in order to produce a wide hemispherical picture. With the fisheye lens, your phone camera will capture round images with a beautiful barrel distortion in wide angle perspective. This phone camera lens kit also comes with a velvet carrying pouch to keep the lenses clean and lets you bring them anywhere you go. The lenses are available in 6 different colors including black, blue, gold, purple, red and silver. A customer review reads:

“The lens are easy to mount, easy to carry and provide a very decent picture if used correctly. I am a professional realtor and the wide angle lens allows me to take indoor images of homes which take in the whole room and not just part of it.”

fisheye wide angle macro lenses blue and gold


fisheye lenses clip on red


regular vs wide angle lenses


phone camera lens kit regular vs macro


phone camera lens kit regular vs fisheye


phone camera lens kit purple and silver

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